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May 28, 2017
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Faculty Part-Time - CAS - Contract Academic Staff Resources

PTAC Members of the Languages & Literatures Department 2016/2017:

Dr. Nathalie Freidel, Chair 
Dr. Simona Pruteanu
Dr. Marc Olivier Reid
Dr. Sharon Marquart (alternate)
Dr. Milo Sweedler (alternate) 

CAS Job Postings:

All CAS Job Postings can be accessed directly from the Human Resources webpage :   /page.php?grp_id=317&p=3142

CAS Members 2016/2017:


AB101   Dr. Hanan Abdullatif (CAS representative)
AB102   Dr. Hanan Abdullatif
AB245   Dr. Hanan Abdullatif

FR101A - Dr. Larissa Sloutsky 
FR101OC1 - Mihaiela Despau
FR102OC2 - Mihaiela Despau
FR150OC1 - Mihaiela Despau 
FR151OC2 - Mihaiela Despau 
FR151A - Dr. Larissa Sloutsky 
FR232 - Dr. Corina Sandu
FR234 BR (Brantford) - Dr. Corina Sandu
FR245A - Mihaiela Despau 
FR245 BR - Dr. Corina Sandu
FR250 BR - Dr. Christen Harris
FR251 BR - Dr. Christen Harris 
FR260A - Mihaiela Despau
FR260A BR - Dr. Corina Sandu
FR290 BR - Dr. Corina Sandu

GM110A - Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann (CAS representative)
GM110B - Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann
GM111A - Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann
GM210A - Dr. Alexandra Zimmermann

Mediterranean Culture:
MI202 - Vesna Leko

SP101A - Rosario Ardon
SP101B - Rosario Ardon 
SP101OC - Luis Jaimes - Dominguez
SP102A - Rosario Ardon
SP102B - Rosario Ardon
SP102OC - Luis Jaimes - Dominguez
SP301 - Dr. Maria de Luna Villalon

ACTFL Language Assessment 

ACTFL Language Assessments – what is it and who does it affect?
Certain courses in the Department of Languages and Literatures require applicants to take language assessment tests administrated by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in order to be recommended for the courses. Please see individual postings for details. CAS members who already have seniority in a given course are not required to be assessed when applying for that course.

Who conducts the language assessment and how does it work?
The assessments will be conducted by ACTFL certified testers. The assessments will consist of two parts: an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), which lasts about 30 minutes, and a Written Proficiency Test (WPT), which lasts approximately 90 minutes. The OPI will be conducted over the phone with an ACFTL tester, and the WPT will be completed on a computer and submitted online to ACTFL. Both tests will take place with a proctor present (an ACTFL requirement), and both will be assessed by two ACTFL certified testers.

ACTFL fees - who pays?
The current fees for ACTFL testing are as follows:
$139.00 (US funds) for the OPI
$70.00 (US funds) for the WPT
The university will cover these fees for all current Contract Academic Staff (CAS) members that have been CAS members since 2009.   Unfortunately, the university is unable to cover the expense of the tests for applicants who are not current CAS members, or those CAS members who have not been at Laurier since 2009, or for CAS members who want to re-take any tests. 

Test results and how they will be used?
Candidates will be required to attain the specified ratings on the OPI and the WPT in order to meet the requirement courses in which members do not already have seniority.  Copies of results will be sent to each CAS member and will be forwarded to each CAS member's Official File.  The test results will be considered in both hiring and seniority decisions.

How to schedule an ACTFL test:
CAS members, or external applicants who want to take the ACTFL tests, should contact Admin Assistant Marjana Bilandzic at, ext 2398) and provide the following information:

1. Your name and WLU ID (if you do not have an ID, please indicate if you are an external applicant)
2. The target language to be tested for (Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
3. Provide at least two dates & times that you would be available for testing
4. Payment Arrangements (to be discussed if WLU is not covering your ACTFL fees.  Please see ‘ACTFL fees – who pays?’)

For more information on ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), please view the following link:

Useful Links:

Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty Association, Collective Agreement 2013-2016: Part-time

Official WLUFA website

Faculty Relations web page

Other Notes and Information:

CAS members who did not submit an application to the CAS Roster, may still apply seperately for any job postings, following the posting procedures accordingly.  E-mail submissions will be accepted.

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