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December 7, 2016
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Teaching, Learning Technology (TLT) Innovation Incentive Grant


In keeping with Wilfrid Laurier Universityís commitment to teaching and learning and attaining the highest standards and quality of education, proposals are requested for projects that improve learning outcomes in WLU courses through the use of technology. This includes enhancements to instructional methods, learning resources, curricula and assessment.

The purpose of the TLT Innovation Incentive Grant is to encourage full-time faculty members and CAS members to pursue teaching and learning technology innovations at the university. Teaching innovation projects may take many forms, such as initiatives involving the novel incorporation of educational technology into classroom settings or developing new directions for on-line teaching.

The Award

The TLT Innovation Incentive Grant will provide funds to a maximum of $5,000. It will be awarded annually through a competition adjudicated by the TLT Steering Committee.

The project must be completed within two years of receiving the funds. A one-page project update will be required at the end of the first year as well as a short presentation to the TLT Committee. Failure to provide the update in a timely manner will result in withdrawal of any remaining funds. A project completion report at the end of the two-year period must be submitted to the TLT Steering Committee. Successful applicants are also expected to present their completed work to interested members of the Laurier community, and possibly in publications and at conferences.


All full-time faculty and contract academic staff (CAS) with seniority status in at least one course and/or a minimum of three years consecutive teaching experience at Laurier are eligible to apply for the grant.

Note: Although staff, undergraduate and graduate students, may have significant involvement in projects, full responsibility for project planning, proposal development, and project management must lie with full-time faculty or CAS, who are expected to be substantially involved in all aspects of the project.

Funds may be used for:

  • special software and/or hardware employed by the project
  • technical support (configuration of software and hardware)
  • Research Assistants
  • other expenditures (as deemed acceptable by the TLT Steering Committee)


Priority will be given to proposals with a research-based approach to enhancing learning outcomes in the proposed project, and having potential for wider applicability.

In general, proposals should clearly demonstrate the way in which the project will improve the quality of instruction and learning through the use of technology at the university and to what extent the implications of the project extend to the broader university community.

Application submissions must include the following:

  • an abstract (250 words)
  • goals of the project - the scope and objectives of the study must be clearly articulated
  • a completed cover page (as provided on TLT website)
  • an overview of the literature (1 page) - proposals should include a summary of the relevant literature in the area of interest, and similar projects which may have been undertaken at WLU or at other institutions should be cited
  • a description of related initiatives at other institutions, if any
  • a budget
  • a project plan (three pages), to contain:
    • a rationale that defines the expected changes in learning outcomes
    • the research objectives as related to teaching and learning
    • the proposed teaching/learning activities
    • a description of how learning outcomes will be systematically evaluated using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-mode research designs. (One page)
  • methodology - proposals should clearly describe the methodological procedures to be employed
  • a schedule (ie a timeframe for the completion of the project)
  • a statement of results - the proposal should describe the form in which the results will be made available to the university community, at Laurier and elsewhere, through presentations and/or publications

The Request for Ethics Approval Form must be completed by the projectís principal investigator and submitted to the Chair, Research Ethics Board, Office of Research, as a condition for release of funds.

The deadline for submission of proposals for 2008/2009 is March 1st. Funds will be released prior to April 30th, pending ethics approval. For questions about proposal development, please contact Mary Scott, Chair, TLT Steering Committee (c/o Centre for Teaching Innovation and Excellence).

The Office of Information Technology Services is in strong support of the TLT Innovation Incentive Grant. Funding for the grant is provided through the Office of Information Technology Services and the Office of Teaching Support Services.

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