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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Maria Gallego


email: Maria Gallego
phone: 519.884.0710
ext: 2635



Publications and Working Papers:


  • Chaos or Leadership: The Heart and Soul of Politics
    Schofield, N. and Gallego M.
    HeideLberg, Springer, in press for May 2011

Refereed Articles

Refereed Conference Proceedings

  • Empirical and Formal Models of the United States Presidential Elections in 2000 and 2004
    Schofield, N., Claasen, C., Gallego, M., Ozdemir, U.
    In N. Schofield and G. Caballero eds.
    The Political Economy of Institutions, Democracy and Voting
    HeideLberg, Springer, 2011, in press

  • Autocracy and Democracy
    Schofield, N. and Gallego, M.
    In G. Caballlero, ed.
    Instituciones, Gobernanza Economica y Political Publicas (Insitutions, Economic Governamnce and Public Policies)

Articles Submitted at Refereed Journals

  • The Convergence Coefficient and the Heart of an Election: An Application to Recent Elections in Canada
    Schofield, N., Gallego, M., Ozdemire, U. and Zakharov, A.

Chapters in Special Issue

Working Papers

  • Political Campaigns as Coordinating Devises in Parliamentary Systems, working paper.
  • On The Ranking of Bilateral Bargaining Opponents. with R. Cressman, 2008 working paper.
  • On Acquiring Information Through Networks
  • Endogenous Election Timing and Strategic Voting
  • Election Timing and Strategic Voting, in a Three-Party Two-Tier Parliamentary System
  • Endogenous Election Timing and Strategic Voting
  • Strategic Election Timing with Two Levels of Government: The Canada-Ontario Case