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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Arts
December 10, 2016
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Important Info for first time CAS instructors

Welcome to those of you who are new to teaching in the Religion & Culture Department at Wilfrid Laurier University, and to the rest of you, welcome back. We ask that you carefully read the information provided here.

Course Outlines:

Keep in mind that final exams, regardless of whether you schedule them or have the examinations office schedule them, must be conducted in the final examination period, not during the study period that precedes it or in the final week of classes. Check the Undergraduate Calendar for key academic dates at Please submit your course outline(s) as an email attachment to Ewa Dabrowska, Senior Administrative Assistant, at In accordance with the Deanís directive, the department will require students to print their own outlines. 

  • Email the outline to your class through the LORIS system which may be accessed at LORIS is a self-service software product designed to enhance end-user access to information on record in Laurierís Banner database. For example, faculty can use LORIS to enter grades and employees can view their personal, payroll, tax, and position information.
  • or, post the outline to MyLearningSpace (by Desire2Learn: formerly webCT)). Further information can be found at


MyLearningSpace is Laurierís Learning Management System. Go to /page.php?grp_id=10042&p=16755 for further information and to register for training.

Teaching Support Services:

Go to for information on

Text Books and Course Packages:

If you have not already done so, please visit this page: as soon as possible regarding textbook orders and ordering online. Instructors using course reading packages can submit their packages through the Bookstore at:


Information Technology Services will try to assign the same voice mail box extension number they assigned to you last year. If this is not possible, we will let you know. For those of you who are new CAS members, you will be assigned a new voice mail box extension number.

Faculty of Arts Part-time Faculty Manual:

The Faculty of Arts Part-time Faculty Manual is located at /page.php?grp_id=35&p=7643.

Please refer to this guide for any questions you may have, it will most likely provide the answers you need. You may also find some of the web links on our Sociology home page at of value during the upcoming year. Please contact the department office if you have questions after referring to these resources.

Novell Logins and Groupwise Email Account:

In order to print to networked printers and access computers in the part-time spaces, all faculty need to obtain a Novell login. The Information Technology Services online request form is located at /forms_detail.php?grp_id=12689&frm_id=2701. You will need your employee ID number. Select both the Novel Login and Groupwise Email boxes at the bottom of the form. The user id and password for your account will be available at the ITS Help Desk located in the Library; faculty will be required to present a photo ID and to sign the Login Request Form to pick up this information.

Please note, you will also need your Novell login in order to access the online office hours booking system. You will receive an email regarding this process once the semester has begun.


Laurierís OneCard is a photo identification and access card. It is the access card for CAS office spaces, the Athletic Complex and for use of the Library. To activate the bar code located on the back of your OneCard for use in the Library, you must first register at the Library. To obtain your Onecard, or to replace a lost or stolen card, visit the OneCard Office located in the Concourse of the Fred Nichols Campus Centre. To obtain a new card, you will be required to present a copy of your employment contract and one of the following photo IDs: photo health card, passport or driverís license.

Access Code - Photocopier:

Access codes for the photocopier will be supplied at the start of term. You will be emailed in regards to your personal code. Please keep in mind this department policy: if more than 25 copies are required of any document, please submit the original copy to the department office so we can send it to Printing Services for duplication. Please allow 4 working days turn-around time for all printing requests. Include a note detailing the course number, section, number of copies needed and a description of what the request is. We ask that all members follow this policy as we have a limited budget for copies made on the photocopier.

Locker Storage:

Personal locker storage space is available in the CAS office spaces. A key can be obtained from the Dean of Arts office in DAWB 5-106.

Privacy Act Information:

The universityís privacy regulations stipulate that it is not acceptable for faculty to meet with students in the classroom with other students present to discuss their work or their grades. It is not acceptable to tell students the grade they received for any assignment or presentation within hearing of other students in the class. Assignments may not be left out where other students can see them and grades can no longer be posted anywhere except on MyLearningSpace (replaces the former webCT). Further information can be found at .

Parking Permits:

As soon as the payroll office has assigned you an ID number, you will be able to apply for a temporary parking permit at It is valid for one term in a non-reserved parking space.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call or send an email: