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September 24, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Courses Fall 2015/Winter 2016

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1. Select Campus: Waterloo

2. Subject: Religion & Culture

3. Course Level: Graduate

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Religion and Culture
MA Courses Fall 2015/Winter & Spring 2016

Program Requirements:
Students in both streams are required to complete RE693 (Comprehensive Examination).

Course-stream students are required to complete RE698* (Research Project) and five other half credit electives.

Thesis-stream students, in addition to completing RE693, are required to (1) complete four half-credit electives, at least two of which are taught by members of the Department, and (2) prepare an acceptable thesis proposal, a thesis, and an oral defence. Thesis-stream students will not be permitted to take RE698* for credit. A student cannot register in RE699 until the proposal is formally accepted. Proposals must follow the departmentally- approved guidelines. A proposal may be submitted any time after admission to the program; full-time students must have their proposal approved by the end of their second term. Acceptance is dependent upon the quality of the proposal and the Department's assessment of a student's overall ability.