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September 28, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Travel Assistanship Program for Graduate Students

Laurier encourages students to engage in scholarly activity by providing financial support to students who make presentations at academic conferences related to their program of study at WLU. Funding from the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS) is unlikely to cover all such expenses and students are encouraged to seek additional funding from their advisors, departments, and/or Faculties.


  • the applicant must be registered as a full-time student at WLU at the time of the conference
  • the applicant must be travelling in connection with their program of study at Laurier, must be the first or second author of the paper and must present the paper/poster at a conference (normally paper presentations will receive priority consideration for funding over poster presentations)
  • priority will be given to doctoral students who have not used the award twice and to master's students who have not received this award previously.
  • a student will not normally receive funds more than once per fiscal year.
  • the conference must be national or international in scope and sponsored by an established professional association (as verified by the student's advisor)
  • the paper must be accepted for presentation before an application for travel assistance is considered.
  • applications will not be considered following attendance at a conference
  • students having applied for FGS funding may subsequently apply to the GSA for additional support, if needed


  • FGS will normally pay expenses up to a maximum of $300 ($250 in Ontario); these dollar amounts may be adjusted from time to time depending on the budget available and the number of travel requests
  • commitments will have an expiry date, normally one month after the anticipated date of completion of travel
  • FGS will not normally participate in providing travel-advance payments
  • if the fund is depleted, the program may be suspended without notice until further funds become available

There are 3 annual application deadlines for this program:

  • April 15 (for spring term travel)
  • August 15 (for fall term travel)
  • December 15 (for winter term travel)

You must apply for funding on the application form (/forms_detail.php?grp_id=36&frm_id=150)  by the stated deadline date and obtain the financial commitment and signature of your advisor, certifying the national/international scope and the professional stature of the association sponsoring the conference. Your department and faculty must record any other financial commitments for support and forward the application to the Graduate Studies Office. Applications will not be considered following the conference. The total amount available each year is modest and the amount of reimbursement will vary depending on the total number of applications received and moneys granted. The applications will be reviewed and you will be notified in writing, with a copy to your advisor and graduate/program officer. Upon your return from the conference, a completed travel expense claim form (available from the Financial Resources website), receipts, and a copy of the abstract and written confirmation of acceptance or presentation of the paper must be forwarded to the Graduate Studies Office in order to initiate payment.