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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Student Awards Information

*NEW* R&C Education Enhancement Award

R&C is introducing another student award this year, funded by faculty members from the department.  The R&C Educational Enhancement Award is open to full or part time undergraduate and graduate students in our programs (BA, MA, PhD) who could use financial assistance for educational activites outside the classroom.  These activities include (but are not limited to) study abroad, and travel for research purposes or to attend conferences.

We will be assessing applications twice a year; deadlines for submission are 4:30 pm, September 30 and January 30.  Please ensure that a hard copy of your application reaches the Chair of Religion and Culture by 4:30 pm on the deadline dates.

The number of recipients and the monetary value of the awards will vary, but we expect to offer 1 or 2 awards ranging from $200-$400, twice a year.

The R&C Educational Enhancement Award falls under the category of "Special Funds," and requires applicants to submit a budget.  You will find the link to the budget form, at: and the application form below attached as a document.

The Sally Jefferson Awards

The Sally Jefferson awards were initiated by Roy Jefferson in honor of his wife Sally. Sally was first a full-time, then a part-time student at Laurier from 1973 to 1991. In that period she earned a BA, completed a qualifying year, earned an MA as well as an MTh degree. An exemplary life-long learner, she and her husband have been vigorous and generous supporters of the Department of Religion and Culture for many years.

These awards are given annually to outstanding second, third or fourth-year students who have taken courses in the Department of Religion and Culture.

1. The Most Promising First-year Student(s) Award (presented to one or more students currently in second year). Chosen by the Department of Religion and Culture.

2. The Outstanding Senior Undergraduate Student Award. Chosen by the Department of Religion and Culture.

3. The Outstanding Part-time Undergraduate Student Award. Chosen by the Department of Religion and Culture.

4. The award for the best essay in an undergraduate Religion and Culture course. Chosen by the Department of Religion and Culture.

5. The award for outstanding service to the university and community by an undergraduate student. Chosen by the Department of Religion and Culture.

6. The Larry Toombs Award honours Dr. Lawrence Toombs, a remarkable teacher and scholar who taught ancient Near Eastern religions and archaeology in the Department of Religion and Culture from 1969 to 1984. Currently, Dr. Toombs is Professor Emeritus and lives in Waterloo. The award is given either to an outstanding teaching assistant or to an outstanding student of the ancient world. Undergraduate and graduate students are both eligible for this award, and nominations may come from either the Department of Religion and Culture or the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies. This award should not be confused with the Larry Toombs Bursary, which is offered by the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies.

The Gotthard Booth Award

The Gotthard Booth Award is given to a Religion and Culture graduate or undergraduate student in recognition of exceptional creativity and vision in the study of religion. This award reflects the interests of Dr. Gotthard Booth, a New York psychiatrist whose archives are in the WLU library and whose work was studied by Dr. Aarne Siirala, professor of the psychology of religion at Laurier from 1963 to 1985. Among Dr. Booth’s interests were religion, healing and health;imagination, creativity, and the arts; symbol, myth and ritual; illness, aging and death, psychology and therapy. The award, not necessarily given every year, is offered in recognition of achievements in these or related areas. The recipient must have financial need and reside in Ontario.

Applications are due by September 30 and can be found at

The George P. Grant Memorial Award

Funded with money from a Teacher of the Year award and additional donations, this award honours George P. Grant, an eminent Canadian philosopher, social theorist, and pioneer of religious studies in Canada. The award is offered to outstanding candidates whose work serves as a suitable memorial to Grant; therefore, it may not be offered every year. Usually, it is given in recognition of an outstanding graduate or undergraduate paper submitted in a Religion and Culture course during the previous year, and nominations are made by course instructors. However, instructors in other university departments who receive outstanding papers that treat any aspect of the relationship between religion and culture may submit nominations, provided they are supported with a copy of the paper to the chair of Religion and Culture.

Lenia Chamberlain Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a graduate student in memory of Lenia Chamberlain, a gold medal winner in 1986. It is offered to a woman who has been admitted to the Master of Arts program in Religion and Culture. Preference is given to a student who examines archaeological dimensions and/or historical artifacts, or uses these as sources of data in developing her studies or thesis. Chosen by the Canadian Federation of University Women, upon recommendation by the Department of Religion and Culture.