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September 30, 2016
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In addition to these two required, core courses, doctoral candidates must complete at least two electives from an approved list of other graduate offerings at the two universities. One of these electives must be in religious studies. The list of approved courses may change from year to year.

Courses at Laurier have the prefix “RE.” At Waterloo the prefix is “RS.” RE/RS 700 and RE/RS 710 are the core, doctoral-level, research courses required of all PhD candidates. Each course may be taught either within a single term or across two terms.

RE702, RE800, RE801, RE898, and RE899 are not credit courses. Rather they designate components of the program in which students register at the appropriate time. These are Laurier designations only. At Waterloo these are called “milestones” and do not have numbers.

RE/RS 700 Religious Diversity in North America 0.5
The religious diversity of North America, as well as perspectives, theories, and methods necessary for conducting research on this diversity.

RE/RS 701 Case Studies in Religion 0.5
Case studies focused on lived religions in their cultural settings.

RE 702 Research Languages in Religious Studies
A demonstration of the student’s competence in a language (other than English) for the purpose of conducting advanced research in religious studies.

RE/RS 703 Directed Study 0.5
Individual study of a topic under the guidance of a member of the program. Directed Study topics must be approved by the director.

RE/RS 704 Special Topics 0.5
Group study of a topic under the guidance of a member of the program. Special Topics courses must be approved by the director.

RE/RS 710 Approaches to the Study of Religion in North America 0.5 
A consideration of the theories, methods and interpretations that have been influential in the study of religion in North America.

RE 800 General Examination
The general examination, which is the first part of the comprehensive examination, is to ensure breadth and to assess competence in the study of religion

RE 801 Field Examination
The field examination, which is the second part of the comprehensive examination, is to focus an area of specialization and to determine readiness for the dissertation project.

RE 898 Public Presentation
A public presentation based on the candidate’s doctoral dissertation research.

RE 899 Doctoral Dissertation
A piece of research crafted as a book, aimed at making an original contribution to the study of religion, and followed by a defence.