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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Corrections to the Abbreviated Seventh Edition

Despite our best efforts to produce error-free books various types of
mistakes remain. On this page we will announce all such errors and their
corrections. If you discover a new one please e-mail me at

Note: Some of the following corrections may have been already made to your copy. 

Page 48, First line after the table: Change Table 2.4 to Table 2.8

Page 51, Exercise 2.43 Delete (in $thousands)

Page 133, Change equation on sixth line to y[hat] = 105.3 + 7.035x

Page 445, Exercise 13.45 Change 220 to 150

Page 558, sixth line from the bottom, change Accounting to Marketing

Page 560, space above the Excel printout make the following changes

1 = Accounting

2 = Finance

3 = Marketing

Page 587, first line after Minitab printout: The subscript for b should be 1 (not 0).

Page 634, sixth line: The formula for MSR should be MSR = SSR/k

Appendix C

Page C5, 13.72a: Change to -.40 to -.04