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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Further Assessments of a Three-Component Model of Occupational Commitment:

Generalizability and Differences Across Occupations

P. Gregory Irving, Daniel F. Coleman, and Christine L. Cooper


The authors assessed the factor structure of J. P. Meyer, N. J. Allen, and C. A. Smith's (1993) measure of occupational commitment based on responses from 232 employees (166 men and 66 women) in a variety of occupations within a single organization. Confirmatory factor analysis suggested that 3 forms of occupational commitment are distinguishable (affective, continuance, and normative commitment) across occupations. The authors also examined correlates of the 3-component model as well as differences in occupational commitment levels across occupations. The 3 forms of occupational commitment relate differentially to a variety of variables, providing further evidence for the construct validity of J. P. Meyer et al.'s model.

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