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December 5, 2016
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P. Gregory Irving

Refereed Journal Articles


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  • Irving, P.G., & Goldstein, S.R. (1990). Effect of home field advantage on peak performance of baseball pitchers. Journal of Sport Behavior, 13, 18-24.
  • Irving, L.E., & Irving, P.G. (1994). Shyness and anxiety in elementary school children. Canadian Journal of School Psychology, 10, 162-166.
  • Gellatly, I.R., & Irving, P.G. (2001). Personality, autonomy, and contextual performance of managers. Human Performance, 14, 229-243.
  • Irving, P.G., & Coleman, D.F. (2003). The moderating role of different forms of organizational commitment in role ambiguity-job tension relations. Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences, 20, 97-106. 
  • Bansal, H.S., Irving, P.G., & Taylor, S.F. (2004). A three-component model of customer commitment to service providers. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 32, 234-250. 
  • Sharma, P., & Irving, P.G. (2005). Four bases of family business successor commitment: Antecedents and consequences. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 29, 13-33
  • Irving, P.G., Coleman, D.F., & Bobocel, D.R. (2005). The moderating effect of negative affectivity in the procedural justice-job satisfaction relations. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 37, 20-32.
  • Montes, S.D., & Irving, P.G. (2008). Disentangling the effects of promised and delivered inducements: Relational and transactional contract elements and the mediating role of trust. Journal of Applied Psychology, 93, 1367-1381.
  • Gellatly, I.R., Hunter, K.H., Currie, L.G., & Irving, P.G. (2009). HRM practices and organizational commitment profiles. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 20, 869-884.
  • Irving, P.G., & Montes, S.D. (2009). Met expectations: The effects of expected and delivered inducements on employee satisfaction. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 82, 431-451.

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