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December 2, 2016
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Ecology and Biogeography Courses

BI301 Global Ecology and Biogeography is a course that blends concepts of ecology and biogeography. It is a "big picture" course about organism distributions and abundances in space and time. 

BI309 Population Ecology focuses on building an understanding of population interactions: growth, intra-specific and interspecific competition, predation and parasitism. An emphasis is placed on the theoretical underpinnings of ecology, which is a quantitative as well as a qualitative science. Either BI205 (now deleted) or BI301 is the prerequisite for BI309. A comfort level with basic statistics is helpful (completion of a statistics course is recommended but not required).

BI405 Community Ecology focuses on processes and patterns at the community level. Either BI205 (now deleted) or BI301 is the prerequisite course. It is recommended that you have taken BI309 before taking BI405.