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December 8, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Headwaters of Cox Creek

BI405 Community Ecology

The central question in Community Ecology continues to be: “Are communities structured by interactions between the species [occurring in the community], or is the structure a consequence of the independent reactions of individual species to environmental factors?” (Gee and Giller, 1987). The study of ecology is based in the detection and quantification of patterns, with the goal of devising ecological explanations of those patterns that in turn can be used to make predictions. In this course, we will explore the concept and nature of the ecological community, with a focus on the competing theories of explanation, using evidence from a variety of published studies.

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Required Textbooks:

1.  Ecology: Concepts & Applications, Canadian Edition. 2008. M.C. Molles, Jr. and J.F. Cahill, Jr.  McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd.   ISBN-13: 978-0-07-096341-2 

2.  A Primer of Ecology. 4th Edition. 2008. N.J. Gotelli. Sinauer Associates, Inc.  ISBN 978-0-87893-318-1 

Course notes will be available through the 'mylearningspace' page for the course. I strongly suggest that you make your own notes during the lectures. Outlines of the lab exercises will be posted on the Desire2Learn course page.