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September 25, 2017
Canadian Excellence


Undergraduate Thesis Supervisions and Brief Topics 

Date        Student        Brief Topic
1987/88    C. Fraiken    Substrate preferences in Chondrus crispus
1988/89    R. Mellow    Roast yard effects on fish and invertebrates
1989/90    L. Leader    Anti-predator tactics in larval lumpfish
                C. Merriman    Moth capture by red and hoary bats
1990/91    R. Boyko    Effects of agriculture on streams
                J. Vincent    Stream rehabilitation and stream invertebrates
1991/92    L. Armstrong*    Stream rehabilitation and fish communities
1992/93    P. Laurence    Substrate disturbance and invertebrate communities
                C. Vermeulen    Water quality and invertebrates as indicators
1993/94    K. Harkness    Plant competition in sidewalk cracks
                M. Kerby*    Monitoring corn root-worm infestations
1994/95    K. Lambert    Limnological survey of an isolated pond
                B. Rogers    Population declines in amphibians
                J. Sharpe    Chironomid associations with Neophylax fuscus
1995/96    A. Collins    Disturbance effects on periphyton and invertebrates
                K. Henderson*    Soil enzyme activities in agricultural soils
1996/97    J. Douglas    Benthic communities affected by dams
                B. Schamp    Tree community composition in Steckle’s Woods
                C. Stacey    Distribution of benthos following recolonization
1997/98    J. Delion    Benthic communities in the Canagagigue Creek
                J. Rusynyk    Benthic survey of Grand R. tributaries
1998/99    C. Darling    Inorganic chemistry of sixteen sites on the Grand R.
1999/00    L. Lojek    Drought and Grand River benthic communities
2000/01    S. Sneath**    Relationship between fruit availability & birds
                K. Horne**    Distribution of fish species in riffles of the Grand R.
                A. Borch**    Lead content of Raphanus sativus L. …
2003/04    J. Gorrell    Effects of the Beatty Dam impoundment …
                A. Relf-Phypers*    An invertebrate analysis of Little Pike Lake Quarry
2005/06    S. Whitehead    Recolonization of a former impoundment
2006/07    A. Quinlan    Swan Creek and Carroll Creek: a Reassessment
2007/08    K. Giroux**   The plant community of an ephemeral riverine island

2008/09    K. Wroblewska   Grand River riffle invertebrate communities

2009/10    S. Anthony**  Monitoring brown trout in the Grand River 

*    co-supervised with a scientist outside of the Dept. of Biology
**    co-supervised with another member of the Dept. of Biology