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March 29, 2017
Canadian Excellence

Media Classrooms - Brantford Campus

Multimedia Classrooms

There are 30 general use multimedia classrooms at Laurier - Brantford Campus.


Carnegie Building

 CB100  Seat Capacity: 40  Meeting / Lounge
 CB205  Seat Capacity: 42  Classroom
 CB206  Seat Capacity: 98  Lecture Theatre
 CB207  Seat Capacity: 57  Classroom
 CB208  Seat Capacity: 20  Classroom
 CB209  Seat Capacity: 30  Classroom

Grand River Hall

 GRH101  Seat Capacity: 43  Classroom
 GRH102  Seat Capacity: 54  Classroom
 GRH104  Seat Capacity: 25  Classroom
 GRH105  Seat Capacity: 25  Classroom
 GRH106  Seat Capacity: 39  Computer Lab
 GRH207  Seat Capacity: 104  Lecture Theatre

Odeon Building

 OD107  Seat Capacity: 172  Lecture Theatre
 OD110  Seat Capacity: 138  Lecture Theatre
 OD200  Seat Capacity: 86  Mohawk Lecture Theatre
 OD205  Seat Capacity: 86  Lecture Theatre
 OD207  Seat Capacity: 35  Mohawk Classroom
 OD210  Seat Capacity: 33  Computer Lab
 OD211  Seat Capacity: 40  Mohawk Classroom

Research and Academic Centre - WEST


 RCW002  Seat Capacity: 245  Lecture Theatre
 RCW202  Seat Capacity: 120  Lecture Theatre
 RCW203  Seat Capacity: 118  Lecture Theatre
 RCW324  Seat Capacity: 20  Meeting Room

Research and Academic Centre - EAST


 RCE004  Seat Capacity: 210  Lecture Theatre 
 RCE217  Seat Capacity: 18  Meeting Room
 RCE319  Seat Capacity: 25  Meeting Room

SC Johnson Building


 SCJ127   Seat Capacity: 137  Lecture Theatre

Dalhousie Building


 DAL007  Seat Capacity: 52  Lecture Theatre
 DAL208  Seat Capacity: 25  Seminar / Meeting Room
 DAL209  Seat Capacity: 25  Seminar / Meeting Room