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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
December 10, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Theory of Integrative Biology

BI601 Theory of Integrative Biology: 0.5 Credit Course; Fall Term

Hours of Instruction: 2 seminar hours per week

Seminar Readings

Week 2

Wake MH 2004. Integrative biology: the nexus of development, ecology, and evolution. Biology International 46:3-15

Week 4

Bird A 2007. Perceptions of epigenetics. Nature 447:396-398

VanRegenmortel MHV 2004. Reductionism and complexity in molecular biology. EMBO Reports 5:1016-1020

Week 5

Chapman PM 2002. Integrating toxicology and ecology: putting the "eco" in ecotoxicology. Marine Pollution Bulletin 44:7-15

Miracle AL, Ankley GT 2005. Ecotoxicogenomics: linkages between exposure and effects in assessing risks of aquatic contaminants to fish. Reproductive Toxicology 19:321-326

Week 6

Tracy CR, Nussear KE, Esque TC, Dean-Bradley K, Tracy CR, DeFalco LA, Castle KT, Zimmerman LC, Espinoza RE, Brber AM 2006. The importance of physiological ecology in conservation biology. Integrative and Comparative Biology 46:1191-1205 (If time is limited you may skip over the section on Resource Aquisition Hypotheses, pp 1192-1196)

Krämer U 2005. Phytoremediation: novel approaches to cleaning up polluted soils. Current Opinion in Biotechnology 16:133-141

Week 7

Cronn R, Wendel JF 2003. Cryptic trysts, genomic mergers, and plant speciation. New Phytologist 161: 133-142.

Hebert PDN, Penton EH, Burns JM, Janzen DH, Hallwachs W 2004. Ten species in one: DNA barcoding reveals cryptic species in the neotropical skipper butterfly Astraptes fulgerator. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 101:14812-14817

Week 8

Rose WL, Nisbet RM, Green PG, Norris S, Fan T, Smith EH, Cherr GN, Anderson SL 2006. Using an integrated approach to link biomarker responses and physiological stress to growth impairment of cadmium-exposed larval topsmelt. Aquatic Toxicology 80:298-308

Muyssen BTA, De Schamphelaere KAC, Janssen CR 2006. Mechanisms of chronic waterborne Zn toxicity in Daphnia magna. Aquatic Toxicology 77:393-401

Filppini M, Buesing N, Gessner MO 2008. Temporal dynamics of freshwater bacterio- and virioplankton along a littoral–pelagic gradient. Freshwater Biology 53:1114-1125

Week 9

Yunlong C, Smit B 1994. Sustainability in agriculture: a general review. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 49:299-307

Hendrickson J, Sassenrath GF, Archer D, Hanson J, Halloran J 2008. Interactions in integrated US agricultural systems: the past, present and future. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems (Advance Online Publication)

Week 10

Burke A 2001 Determining landscape function and ecosystem dynamics: contribution to ecological restoration in the southern namib desert. Ambio 30(1):29-36

Kimbell JR, McFall-Ngai MJ 2003. The squid-vibrio symbioses: from demes to genes. Integrative and Comparative Biology 43:254-260

Week 11

Alcock J 2003. A textbook history of animal behaviour. Animal Behaviour 65:3-10

Cumming GS, Spiesman BJ 2006. Regional problems need integrated solutions: Pest management and conservation biology in agroecosystems. Biological Conservation 131:533-543

Week 12

Berger J 1994. Science, conservation, and black rhinos. Journal of Mammalogy 75:298-308

Storkey J, Bohan DA, Haughton AJ, Champion GT, Perry JN, Poppy GM, Woiwod IP 2008. Providing the evidence base for environmental risk assessments of novel farm management practices. Environmental Science and Polcy 11:579-587

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