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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Ramsay Lab 2008: (l-r) Ashley Lowcock, Simon Hall, Scott Ramsay

Current Students

The following students are working on research projects in my lab:

Simon Hall -- MSc Candidate: Density, hormones and dawn chorus performance in male white-throated sparrows.

Ashley Lowcock -- NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Assistant; BSc Honours Thesis: Does the dawn chorus stimulate reproduction in female white-throated sparrows?



Previous Students


Allison Legg -- BSc Honours Thesis (2006/07): Characteristics of the white-throated sparrow dawn chorus: a test of the acoustic adaptation hypothesis.

Emily Murphy -- BSc Honours Thesis (2006/07): DNA methylation in the polymorphic white-throated sparrow.

Allison Symonds -- BSc Honours Thesis (2006/07): Individual condition and dawn chorus performance in the white-throated sparrow.

Nicole Barker -- BSc Honours Thesis (2005/06): White-throated sparrows as a model species for monitoring the populations of migratory songbirds.

Simon Hall -- BSc Honours Thesis (2005/06): Genetic correlates of hematozoon infection in white-throated sparrows.

Michael Collins -- BSc Honours Thesis (2004/05): Polymorphism and early androgen exposure in white-throated sparrows.

Stacey Robinson -- BSc Honours Thesis (2004/05): Exposure to ectoparasites and immunocompetence in polymorphic white-throated sparrows.

Nick Wilson -- BSc Honours Thesis (2004/05): Spatial and temporal patterns of territory settlement in white-throated sparrows.

Paula Peplinski -- BA Honours Thesis (2003/04): Songbird communities of urban and rural woodlots in Waterloo Region.

Shauna Murphy -- BSc Honours Thesis (2002/03): Coastal bird communities of the Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia.