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October 26, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Past personnel

some of the people that contributed to my research

This is where I list all of the wonderful people that have gone through my lab and contributed to my research program

2010-2011 Rebecca Rumney (Hon BSc'11), Colin Way (NSERC USRA), Michael Mikhaeil (NSERC USRA), Henry Kwon (research assistant), Una Adamcic-Bistrivoda (Research Associate)

2009-2010 Gilian Opolko (Hon BSc'10), Emily Yu (Hon BSc'10), Nguyen Vo (Hon BSc'10-Biochem), Owain Graham (Hon BSc'10-Biochem), Colin Way (NSERC-USRA), Emily Kozlowski (research assistant)

2008-2010 Bryan Sansom (MSc, UW) Toxicity Assessment of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water Using Fish Cell Lines. This thesis can be downloaded from

2008-2009 Billy Martin (research assistant, currently MSc student UW), Jyotirmaya Mohanty (visiting scientist from India), Colin Way (research assistant)

2007-2011 Richelle Monaghan (PhD, UW) Use of Fish Cell Cultures for the Study and Cultivation of Microsporidia. This thesis can be downloaded from

2007-2008 Colin Way (NSERC USRA),  Bounmy Inthavong, Andrew Pawliwec, Mary Rose Bufalino (Hon BSc'08, currently PhD student UoT),

2006-2007 Jackie Beitz (technician, currently an instructor at Conestoga College), Mary Rose Bufalino (NSERC USRA & research assistant), Bounmy Inthavong (research assistant, currently at UW), Alexandra Laughlin (Hon BSc'07), Richelle Mader-Monaghan (volunteer), Arianna Servilli (visiting PhD student), Joanna Wrzosek (Hon BSc'07)

2005-2006 Mary Rose Bufalino (NSERC USRA), Sarah Van Es, Michael Wright, Richelle Mader-Monaghan, Arianna Servilli, Geoffrey Skelton, Ryan Chleback, Eva Sitarz

2004-2005 Sarah Walsh (Hon BSc'05, currently MD/PhD Calgary), Sarah Ferguson (Hon BSc'05, currently teaching at KCI), Michael Wright (currently completing MSc), Kevin McFaul, Vince Nero (MSc'05)

2003-2004 Sarah Wagg (NSERC USRA), Dhammi Hoffman (technician), Rick Donkersgoed (NSERC USRA), Sara Ross (Hon BSc'04), Erin Langille (Hon BSc'04).

2002-2003 Parwin Ibrahim (technician), Stacey Willfang (Hon BSc'03), Alisha Powell (Hon BSc'03), Gareth Lewis (Hon BSc'03), Dana Sotornik (UW-MSc'03)

2001-2002 Caroline Culshaw (NSERC USRA), Mary Lamb (technician), Jennifer Mitchell (Hon BSc'02), Melissa Davis (Hon BSc'02)

2000-2001 Sarah Baker (Hon BSc'01), Caroline Culshaw (Hon BSc'01; received MSc UWO, currently Bio Dept tech, WLU), Dana Sotornik (Hon BSc'01), Kara Pagniello (UW-MSc'01)

1999-2000 Brandon Reinhart (Hon BSc'00, received PhD UoT, currently a lawyer in Ottawa),

Tina Mann (Hon BSc'00, received MSc UoT, currently w Pfizer),

Katherine Haberstroh (technician)

High School Volunteers from UCEP (University Co-op Education Program)

-Jose Phillips (Winter 2011) Lab assistant

-Krista Schleicher (Winter 2010) Cell culture assistant

-Brooke Beggs (Fall 2009)(research assistant summer 2010) Development of goldfish gill cell cultures

-Neil McCaffrey (Fall 2009) Maintenance and growth of Atlantic Salmon pituitary cell cultures

-Erin McGuire (Fall 2007) Comparison of growth characteristics of wild and lab strains of Neoparamoeba spp.
-Fadi Mukhar (Fall 2007) Growth of marine bacteria to support growth of Neoparamoeba pemaquidensis
-Bounmy Inthabong (Fall 2006) Growth and characterization of the GFP transfected zebrafish stem cell line ZEB2J
-Sanduni Costa (Fall 2006) Evaluation of magnetic beads using fish cells in culture.
-Rachel Klein (Fall 2005) Growth of K. pneumoniae and N. pemaquidensis
-Trevor Giesler (Fall 2004) Characterization of RTembryo and temperature effects.
-Damian Sarzinski (Fall 2004) Growth and characterization of glofish & goldfish skin cells.
-Sarah Fernandez (Fall 2003) Effects of Hypoosmotic condition on RTgill-W1.
-Ellen Graham (Fall 2003) Effects of Hypoosmotic condition on GFSk-S1.
-Marilene Caetano (Fall 2002) Effects of Oil sands tailings on fish cells.
-Melanie Goncalvez (Fall 2002) Development and growth of trout spleen macrophages.
-Billy Martin (Fall 2002) Development and growth of eel brain cells.
-Mairead Fitzpatrick (Fall 2001) Fish liver tissue culture and proteomics.
-Maria Kalbarczyk (Fall 2001) Fish gill and leukocyte tissue culture and proteomics.
-Jonathan Aleong (Fall 2000) Environmental toxicology using snails as biomonitors.
-Tania Beletic (Fall 2000) Histochemistry of pulmonate snails.
-Marcel Pinheiro (Fall 2000) Characterization of bovine cells in culture. (currently a PhD at UW)
-Jacklyn Beitz (Fall 1999) Tissue culture and cytological techniques. (received MSc UWO, currently an instructor at Conestoga College)
-Abigail Foulger (Fall 1998) Histochemical techniques.
-Marina Spacic (Winter 1998) Biochemical and histological techniques.
-Amy Wagner (Fall 1997) Molecular and biochemical techniques.

Other Volunteers

-Han Kim (Winter 2011)Effects of Allantoin on fish cells (funded through Sanofi-Aventis)

-James Shin (Winter 2010)Effects of iron and lactoferrin in fish cells (funded through Sanofi-Aventis)

-Emily Kozlowski  (Winter 2009) Fish cell culture