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December 4, 2016
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Formerly offered under Bi 445 as part of a full year course.

Bi445 is now split as Bi436 and Bi449

Bi436 provides a contemporary approach to the study of Embryology. That is, the study of animal embryos. Classical descriptions of early development from fertilization to birth are supplemented with modern findings in genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology to give the student a solid basis for understanding the mechanisms of animal development, growth and differentiation. Focusing on some model developmental systems including fruit flies, fish and chicken embryos, the student should be able to gain knowledge on the complex mechanisms involved in the processes that transform eggs to embryos to the mature organisms we are familiar with.

Some embryology resources:

Human Embryology, Dr. Thomas Marino, Temple University

UNSW Embryology, Dr. Mark Hill, University of New South Wales

The multidimensional Human Embryo, Dr. Brad Smith, U. of Michigan

Embryonic patterning, Dr. Ron Colon, Case Western U.

Chick Embryo Incubation, U. of Illinois

The Visible Embryo, Dr Gary Schoenwolf, U. of Utah

Developmental Biology Online, U. of Guelph

Click below to obtain the course outline and a list of journals useful for bibliographic research in Embryology

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