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Wilfrid Laurier University Leaf
December 4, 2016
Canadian Excellence


  1. Photonics & Semiconductors 
    Selected publications:
    1. "A Broadband Integrated Services Network Architecture Based on DWDM", Proc. of IEEE CCECE, p. 347(2001)
    2. "Study of Transient Photoconductivity of GaN on Al 2 O 3 ", Applied Physics , A, Vol.67, p.567(1998)
    3. "Photoconductivity Decay Under Illumination of a Pulsed Laser with Unfocused or Focused Beam", Chinese Physics Letter, Vol.15, p.447(1998)
  2. Laser-Based Ultrasonics & Thermal Waves 
    Selected publications:
    1. "Forming and Recovering of Thermal Imaging for Multi-layered Structures with Defects", Chinese Journal of Physics, Vol.37, p.333(1999)
    2. "Elastic Properties Modification in Aluminum Induced by Laser Shock Processing", NDE Series, Vol.3, p.335(1998)
  3. Ultrasonics & Surface Acoustic Waves 
    Selected publication:"Acousto-electric Interaction in Thin Film Semiconductors by Two Contra-Directed Surface Acoustic Waves" IEEE Trans. on Sonics & Ultrasonics, Vol.SU-32, No5, p645(1985)