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October 21, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Major Research Paper

The final component of the program is the major research paper. Drawing on the feedback and discussion of the seminar and the end of term conference, students will work under a supervisor in the spring term on polishing and expanding their conference papers into a considerably longer professional piece of writing (7500 - 8750 words, excluding bibliography but including notes) that emphasizes independent research and makes an original contribution to a topic. The benefits of this kind of experience are obvious, but the research paper serves an additional purpose beyond professionalizing students. A clearly conceived and articulated research paper will give an excellent foundation for doctoral study since, by the end of the process, students will have an advanced understanding of an area or issue that they may wish to explore further at the PhD level.  However, the above experiences will also benefit students who do not pursue a Doctoral degree, for they will be furnished with a wealth of analytical, research, writing, and presentation skills which will be invaluable for virtually any career.

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Tell me about the research seminar...