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October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Seminar Courses

Students will be required to take five courses and the Research Seminar (Winter Term). The five seminars will be designed to engage students with cutting-edge primary and secondary literature in a particular area. The diversity in the training and background of our faculty will ensure that students explore questions about the self and human agency from a variety of philosophical perspectives.  So, although the master's program is specialized due to the thematic nature of the program, the range of issues examined and the different approaches used to explore them will ensure that students have the philosophical background and breadth needed to excel in any doctoral program.

When a course is offered it will be tailored to the theme of the program and given a distinct title. For instance, PP681 (Selected Topics in the History of Philosophy) might be given the title, “Conceptions of the Self in Seventeenth-Century French and British Philosophy”.  Also, several different courses can be offered with the same course number. These are distinguished by means of a unique letter. For example, a seminar on mental causation and a seminar on externalism might both be given under the heading PP684, but the first would be numbered PP684A and the second would be numbered PP684B.

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