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October 22, 2016
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Program Requirements

Students must develop their programs in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator; the Graduate Coordinator must approve the student’s program in all cases. To qualify for the degree a student must successfully complete the following:

The research seminar, 5 approved graduate courses (2.5 credits) plus a major research paper.

To complete these requirements successfully a student must earn a “pass” in the MA Research Seminar (graded as pass/fail) and a B+ standing in all course work and the major research paper.

The normal sequence of registration is illustrated in the following table:

Fall Term
  • 3 courses
Winter Term
  • 2 courses plus
  • MA Research Seminar
Spring Term
  • Major Research Paper

Grades for all courses will be assigned in accordance with the Course Requirements specified in the WLU Graduate Calendar.

The primary objective of the program is to provide students with a graduate level understanding of philosophical debates about the nature of the self, of human agency, and of the self’s embeddedness in various communities. However, the proposed program has two main outcomes: Some students may wish to explore the above philosophical issues in greater detail than they could in undergraduate programs, to pursue doctoral degree. In this case the primary aim of the program is to help students develop the analytical, research and writing skills conducive to a variety of career paths, such as managerial positions, teacher’s college, law and journalism. For students taking the master's program as preparation for doctoral level study the goal is to provide them with the skills required in the discipline. Students will learn how to conduct original research, to write conference papers, and to participate in the broader philosophical community. These objectives are achieved through a combination of three elements: seminar courses, the research seminar, and a major research paper.