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October 23, 2016
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Why Study Philosophy at Laurier?

Your decision on what university you attend will have to take account of a variety of factors -- the location of a university, the cost of its programs, the quality of the program you are entering, and so on. Obviously, it would not make sense to suggest that every student should come to Laurier (among other things, there would not be enough room!). What we can say is that the Philosophy Department at Laurier offers a solid set of programs which can provide you with a first rate introduction to philosophy and a friendly atmosphere in which you can pursue your philosophical and non-philosophical interests.

For your information, here are some testimonials about Laurier and philosophy from our students:

Sung Kang (3rd year, Honours Philosophy):
"Laurier's philosophy department is both relaxed and extremely active at the same time. Meaning, each professor is relaxed enough to be on a friendly first-name basis with a majority of their students, and active enough to do first-rate, progressive philosophical research in their respective area of specialization. It is this mix of familiarity and recognition afforded by a small program and the competence of an active faculty which makes philosophy at Laurier so unique."

Sean Finn (4th year, Honours Philosophy):
"When I started at Laurier, I was of the opinion that math and science held all the answers. Then I took an introductory philosophy course and found that there were other ways of looking at things which could generate answers. Philosophy at Laurier has given me an open mind, and ... has given me an ability to see all possible sides of a situation in order to analyze it rationally. I would recommend philosophy at Laurier, if not as a full course of study, as an elective."

Sharon Dewey (Honours Music, Minor in Philosophy):
"Philosophy at Laurier has taught me to think critically, and see things from different perspectives. It has also instilled in me an ability to formulate good questions when looking at problems or theories. Philosophy helps you question our presuppositions and the things we often take for granted. I would highly recomment philosophy at Laurier to anyone who wants to develop their mind through investigation."

Erica Scime (4th year, Honours Philosophy):
"Philosophy has given me the skills to think, solve problems and look objectively at things. In addition, I have been able to develop my logic and argumentation skills. It has made me question my surroundings and look at things more analytically. Philosophy at Laurier has opened me up to other interests and made me realize how applicable philosophy is to other areas of study.