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December 4, 2016
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About SecondLife

Links and information about the virtual world of SecondLife

Although called by some a "game", SecondLife (or SL) is a virtual, online world where users become "residents" of the virtual land and can take part in creating the universe in which they reside. It is a 3D chat, and a place of learning and can be a game, all rolled into one.

One reason I enjoy SecondLife is because it can combine the use of computer graphics, virtual worlds and artificial intelligence all in one platform.

SecondLife is not the only virtual world and it may not last forever,  but learning about life in a persisent, avatar-based virtual world may be something you want to start looking at. It could become an important means of communication in the future.

My SecondLife Research Page (includes images from "in-world")

SecondLife in Academics

Santa Clara Law School does recruiting in SecondLife - Feb 2, 2009