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December 3, 2016
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Tekno Playing Soccer with his Red Ball

My Robot Collection

A look at some of the robots in my collection

In 2002 I did a workshop on consumer level toy robots for a group of highschool girls during our PROWIS conference (Promoting Women In Science). For that workshop I collected a small number of toy robots that were very popular at the time and had the students interact with them.

In 2008 I was asked to create another workshop for a group of highschool students that were visiting from China on a contest they had won. I began looking at my old collection of robots and trying to decide how to run the workshop this time.

Here is an example of the robots in my collection, and at the bottom you will find a link to my Robot Photo Gallery.

Tekno Pup

I bought my Tekno Pup back in 2002 if not sooner. I don't remember if I owned it or the "adult" Tekno dog first or if I had it before I started the workshop.

Information on the latest version of Tekno Pup


From the same company that made teh Tekno Pup came a series of robot "dolls" that are all part of a family. This Dinkie Girl named Suki could even communicate with others of the family through beeps and other strange sounds. I remember the website being quite interactive (you could put your kids in front and your robot would supposedly respond to other robots on screen in a Flash animation) but it looks like the company is no longer around.

Pity, I'm trying to find my manual and figure out if my Suki still works or not.

A good shot of the whole family can be found here.


iCybie was an incredible robot dog... until I lost the battery pack somewhen over the past 6 years. It was a cheap version of the Sony Aibo, which cost a couple of thousand dollars when Sony was still making them (they stopped very recently).

Here is a great page of i-Cybie photos.

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