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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
August 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence

CAS Information


PTAC Committee for 2015-16 (PTAC for 2016-17 to be determined in September 2016)

Dr. Steffen Ziss, Chair
Dr. Ken Jackson
Dr. Logan McLeod
Dr. Wing Chan (alternate)
Dr. Randy Wigle (alternate)

Please note the following important links for CAS Members:

Job Posting Form (Appendix F)

CAS Roster Form (Appendix G)

Assessment of CAS Candidates Form (Appendix H)



FALL 2016

EC120B - J. Dean
EC120D - J. Dean

EC238A - N. Fatima
EC238B - N. Fatima

EC310A - J. Garbati

EC223C - S. Khan 

EC239A - Z. Liaqat

EC290C - H. Mortazavi
EC345 - H. Mortazavi

EC207A,B - S. Qaiser

OnLine Learning

EC238 OC1 - K. Huff
EC260 OC1 - K. Huff

EC239 OC1 - F. Rahman

EC249 OC1 - A. Robertson

EC120 OC1 - A. Trimarchi
EC140 OC1 - A. Trimarchi
EC223 OC1 - A. Trimarchi



EC140E - J. Dean
EC245 - J. Dean
EC306 - J. Dean

EC238C - N. Fatima

EC223D,E,F - S. Khan
EC249C - S. Khan

EC313 - H. Mortazavi

EC207C - S. Qaiser

OnLine Learning

EC238 OC2 - K. Huff
EC250 OC2 - K. Huff

EC207 OC2 - O. Mesta

EC239 OC2 - F. Rahman

EC120 OC2 - A. Trimarchi
EC140 OC2 - A. Trimarchi
EC223 OC2 - A. Trimarchi

Brantford Campus

FALL 2016

EC120BR1 - O. Masakure


EC140BR2 - O. Masakure