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December 5, 2016
Canadian Excellence

CAS Information


PTAC Committee for 2016-17

Dr. Steffen Ziss, Chair
Dr. Ken Jackson
Dr. Logan McLeod
Dr. Tammy Schirle (alternate)
Dr. Christos Shiamptanis (alternate)

Please note the following important links for CAS Members:

Job Posting Form (Appendix F)

CAS Roster Form (Appendix G)

Assessment of CAS Candidates Form (Appendix H)



FALL 2016

EC120D - J. Dean

EC238A - N. Fatima
EC238B - N. Fatima

EC310A - J. Garbati

EC223C - S. Khan 

EC239A - Z. Liaqat

EC290C - H. Mortazavi
EC345 - H. Mortazavi

EC207A,B - S. Qaiser

EC120B - R. Tahir

OnLine Learning

EC238 OC1 - K. Huff
EC260 OC1 - K. Huff

EC239 OC1 - F. Rahman

EC249 OC1 - A. Robertson

EC120 OC1 - A. Trimarchi
EC140 OC1 - A. Trimarchi
EC223 OC1 - A. Trimarchi



EC140E - J. Dean
EC245 - J. Dean
EC306 - J. Dean

EC238C - N. Fatima

EC223D,E,F - S. Khan
EC249C - S. Khan

EC310a(B) - J. Garbati

EC313 - H. Mortazavi

EC207C - S. Qaiser

OnLine Learning

EC238 OC2 - K. Huff
EC250 OC2 - K. Huff

EC239 OC2 - F. Rahman

EC120 OC2 - A. Trimarchi
EC140 OC2 - A. Trimarchi
EC223 OC2 - A. Trimarchi

Brantford Campus

FALL 2016

EC120BR1 - O. Masakure


EC140BR2 - O. Masakure