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Wilfrid Laurier University Lazaridis School of Business & Economics
October 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence

MABE Graduates

Fall Convocation - October 2014

John Alexander

Debt Sustainability and Historical Fiscal Rules

Christos Shiamptanis

Robert Marc Dales
Identifying the Effect of the Business Cycle on Crime
Tammy Schirle
Kevin Melville
The Role of Implied Volatility in Explaining Volatility of the Underlying Commodity Wing Chan

Spring Convocation - June 2014

Sundip Dhanjal

Aging and Labour Market Outcomes of Young Men in Canada
Tammy Schirle

Andrew Doudnikov
Does Aid-for-Trade Work? Analyzing the Infrastructure Channel Ken Jackson
Cameron Fortier
A Cross-country Analysis of Natural Resource Abundance and Human Development Brian McCaig
Siva Karunakanthan
Returns to University, College and Trade Education Justin Smith

Kirsten Saguil
Universally Subsidized Day Care and its Effects on Youth Crime Rates: Evidence from Quebec Christine Neill
David Smerd
Price Discovery in North American Gas Markets Subhankar Nayak
Sri Thanabalasingam, John R. Finlay Memorial Scholarship Award, 2013
Income Inequalilty, Political Instability and Growth
Maria Gallego

Fall Convocation - October 2011

Temby Cheng
The Relationship Between Commodity Prices and the Canadian Dollar
Wendy Wu
Eamonn Hardy
Soccer Results and Stock Returns: Investor Sentiment
Phelim Boyle
Priom Howlader
Oil Volatility, the Cause or Consequence of Economic Uncertainty
Wing Chan
Jinka Kagami
Do Industrial Consumers Shift Electricity Demand in Response to Change in Prices? Empirical Evidence from Ontario
Anindya Sen
University of Waterloo
Jason Nixon
Inflation Hedging Characteristics of Ontario Real Estate
Jean Eid
Boniface Oye-Adeniran
The Relationship between Social Interaction and Health
Tammy Schirle
Ryan Rudorfer
Valuing the Impact of the InSite Program on Real Estate Prices
Jean Eid
Brett Saldarelli
Documenting Inflation Dynamics and Macroeconomic Performance Under an IT Policy 
Wing Chan
Liu Wang
The Effects of Tobacco Tax on the Demand for Consumption of Cigarettes: An Empirical Comparison between Youth and Adult in Canada
Hideki Ariizumi

Spring Convocation - June 2011

Rachael Donovan
The merger of ICG and Superior Propane: Analyzing the Net Surplus from Market Power and Efficiency Gains over the last 10 years
Steffen Ziss
Jodi-Ann Edwards
Higher Education in the 2009 Recession: Which was better, College or University completion?
David Johnson
Liyuan Liu
Diversifying the Conventional Investment Portfolio with Alternative Assets and Global Opportunities
Subhankar Nayak
Kelly Mao
Measuring Earnings Gaps Between Generations of Canadians and Native Canadians by Ethnicity
Tammy Schirle
Milica Matovic
The Effect of Quebec's Family Policies on Quebec's Fertility Rate
David Johnson
Abir Paul
The Impacts of US Quantitative Easing on Financial Assets
Wendy Wu
Chenchen Zhang
Forecast Canadian House Prices using Bayesian VAR with Time-varying Parameters
Wing Chan

MRP List - 1992 to 2010

Spring Convocation - June 2016

Anchith Balakrishnan

Derek Ensing

Shelby Eyre

Huijie Guo

Andy Kwan

Kairui Li

Shiru Liu

Hussaun Syed

Jingwen Wu, John R. Finlay Memorial Scholarship Award, 2015
Estimating Canadian Fiscal Limits Using Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium
Christos Shiamptanis