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December 9, 2016
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Expired or Forgotten Voice Mail Passwords

Please call the ITS Help Desk at x4357 to request the resetting of the voice mail password. When the voice mail password has been reset, it will be changed to the default state of 66xxxx (ie. 66 + mailbox number). Once the user has been notified of the password reset, the user must change the default password during the next voice mail session.

Will My Phone Work Anywhere?

All telephone connections cannot be moved or relocated without the knowledge and assistance of ITS. The telephone connection is basically fixed to a specific location when initially activated. Trying to relocate the phone into another telephone jack will result in the loss of telephone service. If the user requires a different location for the telephone, please submit a work order request to the ITS Help Desk at x4357 upon which time an ITS technical representative will contact the user to confirm the request. Please provide the room and plate number (found on the wall) of the current and desired location when submitting the work order request.

Telephone/Data Repair Request

Users are to contact the ITS Help Desk at x4357 and submit a work order request for the repair. Please include the room number, the extension number, and the face plate number where the phone cord plugs into the wall if possible (this number is on the actual plate ie. 100-1). An ITS technical representative will contact the user for further clarification and resolution.

What is a Trivial Voice Mail Password?

When changing your voice mail password in the Call Pilot system, you are not allowed to use what is considered by the system a "trivial" password. An example of a trival password is 123456. This type of password will not be accepted by the system, however, a password such as 123654 is acceptable. The minimum length required for the password is 6 characters.

How Do I Get a Telephone Head Set?

Please submit a work order to the ITS Help Desk x4357 requesting the purchase of a head set for your telephone. Please provide a financial code for the proposed purchase. An ITS technical representative will be in contact with the user to confirm and identify the approxiamte cost and user financial responsibilty.

Fax Requirements and Installation Procedures

In order to utilize a fax machine or fax/modem configuration, users will require an analogue telephone line in their office. Normally this line will be part of the WLU telephone network, however a separate Bell line could be utilized.  In order to facilitate direct dialling to the fax number instead of reaching the University Auto-Attendant, Bell will charge $250.00 for the initial set-up. ITS will then charge approx $150.00 annually for the Mega-Link costs, however there is no charge for the programming and dialling translations performed by ITS. Any wiring costs required to get the analogue line to the desired location will be borne by the user. In normal situations it is a cost benefit for the user to utilize the WLU telephone network. For users requiring an external Bell line, the user will be charged the cost of the installation and a monthly ongoing charge (approx. $56/month).

To arrange a fax line installation or any queries regarding the installation please call the Information Technology Services Help Desk at x4357 to place a work order. Please provide a financial account number at this time as an ITS Technical Representative will assess and confirm the requirements prior to any installation.