Site Accessibility Statement
Wilfrid Laurier University Information and Communication Technologies
December 8, 2016
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Faculty and staff must complete a Login Request Form to obtain computer accounts.

New staff who participate in an orientation/sign-up interview in Human Resources will complete a Login Request Form at that time. The userid and password for these accounts will be mailed to staff.

Login Request Form may be completed online by all faculty & staff members. The userid and password for these accounts processed within two-business days after filling out the online form. 

A Sponsored Login Request Form is also available online. This form must be completed by employees whose positions were not posted on the Human Resources web site, visiting professors, students requiring Banner access, and all non-employees at WLU. The signature of a sponsor is also required on these forms.  The account will be created within two-business days.

Banner & Cognos

Click here to access the online Banner Account Request form.

Click here to access the online Cognos Account Request form. 

Cubic / Web

Staff and faculty will normally use the CMS (content management system) for creating web pages. In some circumstances (e.g. special programming requirements, non-Laurier group) direct access to the server may be required. Individuals requesting such access should contact Kevin Crowley, x.3070, to discuss requirements. Once approval has been obtained, the login request form (PDF) should be filled out.

Info accounts: Accounts are no longer being created on info. All information should be moved to the new webserver. Please notify Shelagh Pepper when an account can be removed.


All faculty and staff require a Network account for email and to access the microcomputer network. Network accounts are used to access:

- email with Outlook either installed on your desktop or through a web browser,
- department virtual drive disk space accessible from your microcomputer,
- academic course material available to the students through
- secure web pages that require network authentication, such as voting, logging into Human Resources job postings, web site editing, etc.