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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
March 28, 2017
Canadian Excellence

CAS Academic Staff

Part-time Appointment Committee Members, 2015-2016:

Drs. Chris Alksnis (Chair), J. Cavallo (Alternate), William Hockley, Terry Mitchell

Job Postings

Roster Application Form

Assessment of Candidates (Appendix H)

Successful Candidates for 2015/2016 FALL/WINTER Terms

Intramural (In-Class Room Courses)

Camie Condon (PS264A -Fall; PS270C - Winter)

Rebecca Earhart (PS475B - Winter)

Kathy Foxall (PS280A - Fall; PS280C - Winter; PS381C - Winter)

Amy Gayman (PS286A - Fall)

Miranda Giacomin (PS470C - Winter)

Deborah Glebe (PS379B - Winter)

Graeme Haynes (PS374A - Fall; PS374B - Winter)

Laurie Manwell (PS330J - Fall)

Donald Morgenson (PS101E -Winter)

Felix Munger (PS282B - Winter; PS615A - Fall)

Lauren Munro (PS382A - Fall) 

Lawrence Murphy (PS271B - Winter; PS282A - Fall; PS370A - Fall; PS370C - Fall)

Anneke Olthof (PS102B - Winter; PS288A - Winter)

Rebecca Pister (PS397A - Winter)

Gehan Senthinathan (PS263B - Winter)

John Stephens (PS280B - Winter; PS381A - Fall; PS381B - Winter; PS470A - Fall)

Lucia Zivcakova (PS283A - Winter)

On-Line Courses

Adam Celejewski (PS268OC1 - Fall)

Camie Condon (PS270OC1 - Fall; PS270OC2 - Winter)

Carolyn Ensley (PS101OC1 - Fall; PS101OC2 - Winter; PS102OC1 - Fall; PS102OC2 - Winter; PS390OC2 - Winter)

Deborah Glebe (PS275OC1 - Fall; PS275OC2 - Winter; PS276OC2 - Winter)

Anneke Olthof (PS102B - Winter; PS261OC1 - Fall; PS268OC2 - Winter)

Felix Munger (PS282OC1 - Fall)