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October 27, 2016
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Developmental Psychology

In the Developmental Psychology program, the seven faculty members conduct experimental, observational, and applied research in cognitive development, language and mathematics development, reading acquisition, social and personality development, and developmental issues related to educational, technological and forensic psychology. The developmental faculty received over $25 million in the last 7 years, or more than $3.7 million per year, much of which is used to support graduate students. Our program follows an ‘apprenticeship model’ meaning that you have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research projects from the very first day of the program.

Developmental students at Laurier have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of empirical methods, ranging from more traditional (e.g., surveys, interviews, observations, behavioural testing) to innovative methods (e.g., narrative and discourse analyses, intermodal preferential looking or Looking-while-listening method, and large longitudinal datasets to study growth curves and causal models). Students are encouraged to work with multiple faculty members to take advantage of their various areas of expertise.

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Psychology Graduate Student Handbook

"I was really impressed with the connections that Laurier has with the community. As a developmental and forensic psychologist who frequently works with community groups (police, school boards, social workers, etc), I realized that this would be a great place for me to get my lab off the ground.

I was really impressed with the quality and scope of the research activity when I visited the Psychology Department! We have over 30 full-time faculty in the Department, with most people running research programs with external funds they have been awarded. I enjoy going to research seminars in my own area and I am always welcomed when I go to seminars in other areas. As someone with interests in child development, cognition, and forensics, I enjoy the value that is placed on interdisciplinary research. Choose Laurier!"
-Professor Kim P. Roberts

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