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October 20, 2016
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Social Psychology

The social psychology MA and PhD programs at Laurier offer students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members who are committed to research excellence and attentive student mentorship. There are eight primary or joint-affiliated faculty members in the social area, whose research interests span the field from implicit attitudes and social cognition, self-concepts and identity, motivation and goal pursuit, dyadic interactions and close relationships, personality expression, social anxiety, gender and discrimination, life transitions, community involvement, and more.

Social students at Laurier have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of empirical methods. We have facilities for on-line data collection, computerized data collection, video recording of individuals and groups, longitudinal diary studies, and focus group data collection. Students are encouraged to work with multiple faculty members to take advantage of their various areas of expertise.

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"I chose to work at Laurier because it offered an appealing balance of research excellence and a small-school atmosphere. As a student, the relationships I had with my research supervisors played such a big role in my research and professional development. Laurier's grad program is big enough to form a critical mass yet small enough that I know I can spend enough time with each of my students to offer the same mentoring opportunities that were so important for me." -Dr. Anne Wilson, Tier II CRC in Social Psychology

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