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August 24, 2016
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Chair's Welcome

On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students of the Department of Mathematics, I would like to welcome you to our web pages. We hope that the information provided is clear and accessible, and invite your comments on the content and the presentation. We welcome your questions and comments at

For the most part, the Mathematics Department is housed on the fourth and fifth floors of the Bricker Academic Building (BA). It has eighteen full-time faculty members and five permanent staff. Our commitment to student support is demonstrated by our two 30-seat computer labs, each well-equipped with mathematical software, and by the Mathematics Resource Centre, a venue for our students to consult reference materials and to interact across levels and programs. Adjacent to our facilities is the Mathematics Assistance Centre, which provides students with individualized help, to identify specific problems, and to access learning materials to help develop the skills that maximize the chance of success.

The Department offers an array of undergraduate programs. Our Honours Mathematics programs are structured so that students can concentrate in particular areas of interest, or explore a wide variety of mathematical concepts. The Honours Financial Mathematics program is a dynamic mix of theory, practice, and computational methods with a focus on financial mathematics. Students benefit from combination Honours programs with Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science, and can enroll in the Administration Option, the Co-op Option, and the Finance and Accounting Option. Other combinations are possible Ė recent examples include combinations of Mathematics with English and with Music. The Departmentís Undergraduate Advisor is Dr. Roman Makarov, and the Co-ordinator of Financial Mathematics programs is Dr. Adam Metzler.

Recently, we introduced our Masters in Mathematics for Science and Finance. This program is designed to bring together modern applicable mathematics with the skills needed to develop and analyze mathematical models. Courses are based on the mathematics fundamental to advanced models in modern finance and science applications. A compulsory seminar develops a number of models arising from different areas, so that students develop the skills to recognize underlying mathematical principles in the context of widely different problems. The Departmentís Graduate Coordinator is Dr. Connell McCluskey.

Research is an important activity for the faculty of the Department of Mathematics. Dr. Roderick Melnik holds a  Tier 1 NSERC Canada Research Chair in Mathematical Modeling. The Financial Mathematics research group is led by Dr. Joe Campolieti, who came to Laurier as SHARCNET Chair in Financial Mathematics. Other research groups focus on Dynamical Systems and on Game Theory. The Department has some facilities in the Science Research Building (SR), where faculty, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows conduct research on mathematical modeling; financial mathematics; semigroups; Lie algebras; Fourier analysis; game theory; graph theory; optimization; dynamical systems and differential equations, with applications in physics and biology; mathematical and applied statistics; and Monte Carlo methods.

We are proud of our activities, and of all the faculty, staff, and students who contribute.

Welcome to our Departmentís web pages.

Dr. Ross Cressman, Chair
Department of Mathematics