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August 30, 2016
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About Laurier Mathematics

Why Study Math at Laurier?

Mathematics is a dynamic, evolving subject with many fascinating applications. Mathematics is often used to solve problems from the sciences, the arts and business; once put within the framework of mathematics, real-world problems can be solved in an efficient and reliable manner. In order to understand our modern world a solid grasp of the fundamental methods of mathematics is essential. Ideas that start as abstract often become necessary to solve practical problems: The imaginary number i was considered over 2000 years ago, and became necessary to the solution of problems in electricity. Prime numbers have been considered for thousands of years and now find practical applications in cryptography. Modern production methods would not be possible without the theory of probability and statistics, first developed in analyzing astronomical and census data. These are just some of the examples why Mathematics has been and will continue to be of vital importance to the world we live in.

The Laurier Experience

Courses and programs

Our department offers a wide range of courses from first through fourth year. Introductory courses range from calculus, logic and algebra to statistics and probability. Our senior courses include Game theory, Groups and Rings, Real and Complex Analysis, Stochastic Processes, and Number theory, to name a few. We offer a B.Sc. or B.A. in Mathematics and Financial Mathematics and also combined programs with Finance and Accounting, Biology, Computer Science and Chemistry, and also the double degree BBA/BA Financial Math. Students may also choose to take advantage of our co-op programs.

The Major Distinction

What Math Courses Do First-Year Students Take?
Calculus - Differential and Integral
Introduction to Mathematical Proofs 
Introduction to Linear Algebra 
Introduction to Mathematics of Finance


"Friendly, approachable, helpful" are the three words that best describe our faculty.We are committed to high-quality teaching and many of us are engaged in research programs. Our students frequently engage in NSERC undergraduate summer research programs that allow interested students to engage in current mathematical research.

Computing support

Our excellent lab support staff, new computer labs, and innovative use of technology in the classroom all serve to enhance the learning experience.


As an alternative to the library, we provide a lounge for students to study and meet in. We run a regular seminar for students covering topics from all areas of Mathematics.

After-Math: Careers

Graduates of Laurier's Mathematics programs have been very successful in pursuing their chosen careers. Many have gone on to graduate work in mathematics and other disciplines. Many of our graduates have entered the teaching profession. Others have joined firms that rely on the actuarial sciences, while others work as statistical consultants.


Interested in studying Mathematics at Laurier? For registration information, please visit the Registrar's office admissions page, or e-mail our Chair, Dr. Roman Makarov.