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August 29, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Undergraduate Programs

All incoming students registering for a program in which either MA103 or MA110* is permitted must register for MA110*. Based on the results of the Calculus Placement Evaluation, and high school grades, students may be eligible to enrol in MA103.  MA110* and MA103 cover essentially the same calculus material, but MA110* includes a significant amount of pre-calculus algebra, geometry and trigonometry.

We offer BSc and BA programs in mathematics and programs that combine mathematics with computer science, biology, chemistry, and finance and accounting. We recently introduced Honours BA and BSc programs in financial mathematics, the first of their kind in Canada.

Financial mathematics is the foundation for financial risk management. Our program educates students in the relevant mathematics, its financial applications and computing methods in a unified and comprehensive way. We introduce students to methods of developing financial models in topics such as pricing theory and portfolio optimization.

Starting Fall 2010, the Department of Mathematics and the School of Business and Economics have joined forces to offer the exceptional double degree program, Honours Financial Mathematics BA and the Honours Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) double degree.

Honours Programs