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August 25, 2016
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FAQ List

If you have any questions regarding the Calculus Preparation Evaluation (CPE), please refer to the list below of frequently asked questions.

If you cannot find the answer to your question in the list, please contact:

Tina Balfour, Manager: Mathematics Assistance Centre
     Phone:   519-884-0710, Ext.2077


Who must complete the CPE?

Any student intending to enroll in any of the entry-level calculus courses (MA100, MA103, MA110*, MA129) must first complete the Calculus Preparation Evaluation.  There is a restriction on LORIS that is lifted for a student once his/her CPE score has been processed.

What types of questions will be asked on the CPE?

The CPE consists of 50 multiple choice problems, covering pre-calculus material only.  The topics come from secondary level mathematics, up to and including the Grade 12 Advanced Functions course; no knowledge from the Grade 12 Calculus course is required.

There are six parts to the Evaluation:  simplifying expressions (15 questions); solving equations and inequalities (10 questions); functions and graphing (10 questions); geometry (5 questions); exponentials and logarithms (5 questions); and trigonomety (5 questions). 

A Sample Evaluation is available on the main CPE webpage:

What if I score below 70% on the CPE?

Students who score below 70% on a valid CPE attempt may still enroll in one of MA100, MA110* or MA129 (depending on which courses are allowable options in their particular program of study).

If a student is interested in enrolling in the MA103 course, which requires a CPE score of 70% or better, then s/he may try the CPE again.  We allow up to a maximum of three valid attempts on the Evaluation.  You should be able to login to the software and open the actual CPE again; if you get an error message indicating authorization is required, please contact Tina (see above).

What happens if I fail the CPE?

You will still be able to register in the calculus course of your choosing, with the exception of MA103.  The Mathematics Assistance Centre will send you information (via your WLU email) about services offered to help you review the material covered by the CPE.  It is highly recommended that you do some review before you start your calculus course. 

You may also want to consider enrolling in the MAC's non-credit course, "TriAGe: Preparation for University Calculus" which is offerd during the summer months.  See the website for more details:

Will I be placed in a certain calculus course based on the CPE?

No.  The score obtained on the CPE is used for advising & review purposes only.  The decision as to which calculus course to register in, remains the student's to make.  However, only students obtaining CPE scores of 70% or better may consider enrolling in MA103.

What if my MyLaurier/Novell account does not seem to exist?

The MyLaurier/Novell accounts are created in an automatic process that occurs once Laurier has received your confirmation of acceptance.  Due to various reasons, some accounts do get missed, unfortunately. 

In such cases, you should go ahead and use LORIS to enroll in at least one course.  This should then trigger the MyLaurier/Novell account creation within 2 to 3 days. 

If, after a few days of registering for at least one course, you still cannot login to your MyLaurier/Novell account, then please contact Tina (see above).

What is my login if my surname is less than 4 letters?

The usernames for the MyLaurier/Novell login must be a total of eight characters, the first four are letters followed by four digits of your student number.  If your surname is less than four characters in length, x's are used as fillers.  For example, Bruce Lee would have a login with format: leex####

The actual CPE won't open, what do I do?

Check to make sure you have both "cookies" and "popups" enable in your web browswer.  You can change these settings back after you complete the CPE.

Also, if you had started the online Sample Evaluation, but did not Grade it, the system leaves the Sample in an "open" state and may not start the actual CPE.  Try clicking on the link for the Sample Evaluation, and when it opens, click on the Grade button;  after the program grades the Sample, click on "Quit & Save" to exit the Sample Evaluation.  Now try opening the actual CPE by clicking on its link.

Help, I can't open/get past the 1st question in the actual CPE!

This error almost always is related to Java.  Update the version of Java running on your computer (the relevant website is given on the "Completing the Evaluation" instructions webpage).  Make sure you then restart your computer for the change to take effect.

When you log back into the MapleTA software and open the CPE, check the time remaining.  If you have lost too much time and would like to restart the timer, click on the "Grade" button (don't worry about the 0% score, we ignore those!), then "Quit & Save" to return to the main page.  You should then be able to click on the CPE link again to reopen the Evaluation with the full 2 hour time limit.

I just finished the CPE, why can't I register in calculus?

We have to manually transfer the CPE scores over to the registration database.  Depending on staff schedules, this could take up to five business days.  However, the transfer/update of CPE scores is usually done each business day, by around 10am. 

If, after 5 days of completing the CPE, you still get a "Pre-req or test-score" error when trying to enroll in calculus, please contact Tina (see above).

I'm not happy with my results, can I redo the CPE?

Yes!  We allow up to a maximum of three valid attempts on the CPE (the questions will change slightly each time).  If a student completes the Evaluation more than once, we record the highest score obtained.