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August 24, 2016
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Intro Calculus Courses

Calculus Preparation Evaluation  (CPE)



Our Introductory Calculus Courses:

If calculus is a required course, check your program requirements very carefully so that you know what options are available for your specific program.

For the 2014-15 academic year, the Department of Mathematics will be offering four entry-level calculus courses (the * indicates a two-term course; all other courses are one-term):

      MA100 - Introductory Calculus for the Natural Sciences                 (offered Fall and Winter terms) 
      MA103 - Calculus I                                                                     (offered Fall and Winter terms)
      MA110* - Introduction to Differential and Integral Calculus            (two-term course)
      MA129 - Introductory Calculus for Business and Social Sciences     (offered Fall and Winter terms)

MA129: This course serves as the minimum calculus requirement for various programs offered by the School of Business and Economics, and is taken by the majority of students in these programs.
    Completion of MA129 will limit your choice of senior math courses for which you will have the prerequisite; thus, if you have a strong background in mathematics and think that you may want to further your studies in this area, you should consider either MA110* or MA103.
    A student who has earned credit for MA129 does have the option to later enroll in MA103 if s/he wishes.

MA103 and MA110*:  These courses form the foundation for the calculus required in the programs offered by the Department of Mathematics and Department of Computing & Physics.
    From either of these courses, a student can progress into MA104 Calculus II (and then subsequently, into many additional senior math courses).  MA103 and MA110* can be thought of, in one way, as equivalent courses taught in two different ways. MA103 assumes the student has a relatively strong mathematical background, and completes the material in one term (half-credit). MA110*, however, incorporates additional emphasis on basic algebra, trigonometry and limits along the way, completing the material over two terms (one full-credit). For example, MA110* will take a closer look at properties of exponential and logarithmic functions and spend some time discussing trigonometric functions, as well as limits as the foundation of differential calculus, at the time these topics are encountered in the course work, whereas MA103 will assume the students already have a good working knowledge of this material.
   In order to consider MA103 as an option, a student must have credit for Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors (or equivalent), and must have scored 70% or better on the Calculus Preparation Evaluation.

MA100:  This course serves as the entry point for most other BSc programs, such as Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Kinesiology.
   Normally this course will be followed by completion of MA101, though interested students may opt to take MA103.  Completion of either MA101 or MA103 then gives a student the option of enrolling in MA104 if s/he wishes.

See your Department for more information about requirements and scheduling in your program.


CPE Prerequisites:

Completion of the Calculus Preparation Evaluation (CPE) is mandatory before a student can register in any of MA100, MA129, MA110* or MA103.

Students scoring 70% or better on the CPE and who have credit for Grade 12 Calculus & Vectors, or equivalent, can select from any of the four courses (again, please check which are available options for your program).

Students who score below 70% on the CPE and who have credit for Grade 12 Advanced Functions or equivalent,  can select either MA100, MA129 or MA110*.  While there is no minimum CPE score required to enroll in these courses, students scoring below 50% on the Evaluation should strongly consider either MA100 or MA129, if allowable in their program of study.

We are available to help you make an informed decision.  Feel free to contact either the Mathematics Department or the advisors in your home discipline.  In Mathematics, the individuals to contact include:

Tina Balfour (CPE Coordinator) 519-884-0710, Ext.2077
Dr. Roman Makarov (Undergraduate Advisor)    519-884-0710, Ext.3017
Dr. Marc Kilgour (Chair) 519-884-0710, Ext.4208

For a complete list of Undergraduate Academic Advisors from all departments, click here.