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September 25, 2016
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Directed Studies Courses

Information pertaining to directed studies courses in KPE can be found here.

KP 697 (Directed Research in Physical Activity and Health) and KP698 (Directed Readings in Physical Activity and Health) are skills development and background-learning courses that will prepare each student with the appropriate knowledge and technical skills needed to pursue their research interests. The content is developed by the studentís thesis advisor in consultation with the student and the department graduate coordinator, and may consist of laboratory methods, directed readings/study and/or other approved graduate course(s) within or outside the University.  The course content of these courses may differ with each individual student.

Graduate students and their supervisors must first decide upon the content area for a directed studies course.  Once this has been done, the following forms need to be completed by the supervisor, student and instructor of course (if not the supervisor): (1) the Independent Studies - Letter of Agreement form from the Graduate Studies Office; (2) Add/Drop Form; (3) a blue registration card (to formally add the course to the studentís transcripts). All three forms can be obtained from the Graduate Administration Assistant, Shelagh Santi The instructor for the directed study must also develop a detailed syllabus which needs to be submitted at the same time as the forms. Once the forms/syllabus are approved by the Graduate Coodinator, the package can be brought up to the Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies.

Points to Note:

(1) MKin students have 1 term to complete a directed studies course. If a project cannot be completed within one term, the content of the directed study should be scaled back.

(2) The Faculty of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies strongly recommends that the paper work for a directed study is submitted PRIOR to the beginning of the term.