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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
August 25, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Faculty Research Areas and Potential Supervisors

It is very important to speak with faculty members prior to applying to the MKin program.  Here is a list of faculty that are willing to supervise students.  A description of each faculty members area of interest is described.  Please feel free to email potential supervisors. 

Dr. Quincy Almeida

Motor Learning and Execution

Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying how movements are planned, learned and controlled in people with basal ganglia dysfunction (e.g. Parkinsonís disease).

Dr. Pam Bryden

Motor Development and Control

Examination of the perceptual and cognitive influences of motor abilities across the lifespan, with particular emphasis on the upper limbs, handedness, and laterality.

Dr. Michael Cinelli

Perception and Gait

Understanding how the brain processes information and executes skilled behaviours across the life span and following a concussion with a focus on the relationship between perception and cognition during locomotion.

Dr. Kimberly Dawson

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Psychological factors that affect exercise adherence and sport performance as well as the use of physical activity when dealing with chronic illness.

Dr. Mark Eys

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Group dynamics within sport and exercise: perceptions of cohesion in PA groups, and role acceptance & ambiguity in sport teams.

Dr. Paula Fletcher

Chronic Illness, Disability, Health & Aging

Qualitative examinations of the lived experiences of individuals dealing with pediatric cancer, autism spectrum disorder, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Breast Cancer and aging; Quantitative examinations of fall prevention, health screening, and breast cancer in aging populations

Dr. Diane Gregory


Musculoskeletal spine health and low back pain with a focus on intervertebral discs.

Dr. Dawn Guthrie

Aging, Health Services Research

Evaluation of health services for older adults, those with vision and hearing loss and palliative patients.

Dr. Jayne Kalmar


Changes in the central nervous system (both cortical and spinal) in response to fatigue, training, disease, and age.

Dr. Renee MacPhee


Focuses on emergency healthcare, with emphasis on pre-hospital (Emergency Medical Services) and acute care (Emergency Departments).

Dr. Stephen Perry


Neuromechanical aspects of balance control and movement with respect to mobility, aging, footwear, and foot function

Dr. Jennifer Robertson-Wilson

Psychology of Physical Activity

Implementation and evaluation of physical activity policy and impact of environment on physical activity.

Dr. Margaret Schneider

Disability and Chronic Illness

Qualitative investigations of lived experiences from chronic illnesses including: childhood cancer, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and autism.

Dr. Jill Tracey

Sport and Exercise Psychology

Psychology of injury and rehabilitation relating to the many psychosocial issues involved in injury and rehabilitation. Additionally, mental skills consulting with individual athletes and teams in many areas of performance enhancement.