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October 24, 2016
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Undergraduate Programs

Welcome to this information page about undergraduate programs in Biology at Laurier!  You can find links to specific information about our programs in the left side-bar under the heading, Undergraduate Programs.

We are committed to providing the best possible education in a friendly and supportive learning environment. We care about the progress of our students, and we take pride in helping them reach their goals. Because of the 'hands-on' nature of many of our courses, you will find that a Laurier Biology degree opens the door to many exciting opportunities on the cutting edge of the biological sciences.

Our faculty and staff believe in a broad-based foundation in biological concepts, in which the newest developments in genetics and in cell and molecular biology are placed in the context of the form and function of organisms. Our students are enthusiastic participants in the process of scientific inquiry, developing their knowledge and skills through lectures, laboratories, and field work. Students can choose to participate in the cooperative education program; jobs made available through this program can lead to wonderful career opportunities.

Because we are so firmly convinced of the value of 'hands on' experience, we welcome undergraduate students into our research labs, and make them an integral part of the research effort. Many of our students have experienced the thrill of seeing their own independent research published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Very often, that first job in a faculty member’s lab has set a student on a career path in research. Students with an aptitude for cross-disciplinary thinking, and with the ability to combine skills in biology, chemistry, and/or physics with analytical thinking, will discover that there are limitless opportunities for an exciting career at the intersection of the biological sciences with the other natural sciences in such areas as bioinformatics, applied molecular and cell biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

Overall, Laurier Biology graduates find that many different career paths are open to them after graduation. Our graduates have become doctors, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, speech therapists, radiation technologists – to name just a few of the many professional careers in the health sciences. Many graduates are teachers at the elementary or secondary school level. Laurier grads are working in government research labs and for private industry. Our grads have found satisfying careers in all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, including product development, sales, and management. Graduates with an interest in the environment are working as environmental consultants; others have found fulfilling careers with non-governmental agencies such as the World Wildlife Federation, and the Federation of Ontario Naturalists. Still others have pursued careers in law, in public policy, as genetic counselors, and in science journalism. In short – start here, go anywhere!