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October 22, 2016
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M.Sc. in Integrative Biology Program

MSc in Integrative Biology | Biological Research for the 21st Century

Integrative Biology at Laurier is a two-year thesis-based research program leading to the MSc degree.  In their research students are expected to approach a problem from two or more levels of explanation (i.e. genetic/development, anatomy/physiology, ecology/environment, evolution).  As opposed to the usual reductive approach where research is contained within a single sub-discipline of biology, the program in Integrative Biology requires students to assemble the details of their research into a comprehensive explanation of biological phenomena.

At the end of the program, students will be well prepared for a variety of career paths including further research (a PhD program), medicine, industry, government, law, or consulting.

Inaugurated in Fall 2007, the MSc in Integrative Biology builds on the pedagogic philosophy that informs our undergraduate programs; our goal is to produce graduates who have the following attributes:

  • a nimble attitude to thinking about biological problems and processes.
  • a justified confidence in their ability to learn, think, and act - that is, they will have a "can-do" state of mind that is backed up by concrete and well-demonstrated skills in critical thinking and problem solving.
  • an ability to design and implement a substantial original research project, and to effectively communicate the results of that research in a variety of forums, including refereed professional journals, scientific conferences, and the popular press.
  • an ability to succeed in a PhD program anywhere in the world.
  • an ability to succeed in a professional career in any of the biological sciences.

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