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April 30, 2017
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Students may (but are not required to) choose to follow a course selection plan that allows for a specialization in one of the three areas:

Stream A - cell, molecular & microbial biology, genetics

Stream B - biodiversity, evolution & ecology

Stream C - physiology & toxicology

If a student chooses to complete one of the streams, this will be designated by a letter to the student from the Chair of the Biology Department upon completion of all the degree requirements. 

To receive designation in a stream, a student must complete the appropriate 300-level core courses (1.5 credits) for that stream, as well as at least 2.5 credits from the lists of 400-level core courses and 300/400-level cognate courses for the stream.  Please follow the chart below for details for each stream.

Students who decide not to complete a Stream may choose core and cognate courses from any of the Streams.

In any case, students in the Hon. BSc or Hon. BA Biology programs must ensure that they fulfill all requirements for their particular program.

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