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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 22, 2016
Canadian Excellence


Dr. Duncan MacLulich

Dr. MacLulich was initially hired at Wilfrid Laurier University (then Waterloo Lutheran University) to develop a Biology and Chemistry department. This was the beginning of the Science Faculty at Laurier. He was Chair of the Biology Department until he retired.  By this time the Department had seven faculty and a full Honours program. The graduates of this program, at that time, were in demand by government agencies, such as the Ministry of Natural Resources and were much appreciated in graduate programs at other universities. Finally, he was responsible for establishing our Animal Archives, a facility also used by researchers from other universities.

Dr. MacLulich originally graduated in Forestry. This was an area of interest throughout his life. He made extensive trips to Algonquin Park where he was noted for discovering a virgin tract of trees within the park. He also had an interest in parasitology, describing a previously unknown species of parasite from trout that occurred in the park. However, he was best known for his studies on animal population cycles. His study on the relationship between lynx cycles and hare cycles is considered a classic study in biology and is constantly referred to and even today appears in many books on zoology and ecology.