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August 29, 2016
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Co-op Option and Secondary Programs

Honours students in all Biology programs are eligible for a choice of secondary programs.  The Co-operative Education Option is a work-study program open to students at the beginning of their second year.  Students with an interest in a business career may wish to consider the Management Option.  Students considering a career that will involve skills in data analysis should investigate the Applied Mathematics Option.  Students who have an interest in the impact of human activities on our natural environment may find the Environmental Science Option (open to Honours BSc Biology students) attractive.

Co-operative Education Option

All full-time honours students in Honours Biology programs (BA and BSc) may apply for the Co-op Option after completing Year 1. Information on the option, the procedures for applying to the option, and the regulations governing the program may be found at the following links:

1. Science Co-op Page:  click here
2. Calendar 2015/16 Cooperative Education Option Regulations: click here

Management Option

Students should apply by April 13 of their first or second year for admission into this program.  Information on the option and the regulations governing it are found at the following link - click here

Applied Mathematics Option

Details of this program are found at this link - click here

Environmental Science Option

Honours BSc Biology students follow the regulations for the program major (see Honours BSc Biology) with modifications as outlined (see Honours BSc Biology with Environmental Science Option).