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Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Science
October 27, 2016
Canadian Excellence



Our faculty members have broad and dynamic research interests that address contemporary issues in three main areas:

A. Cell, molecular & microbial biology, and genetics:

innate antiviral immune responses (Dr. Stephanie Dewitte-Orr)

root symbioses development and regulation (Dr. Frederique Guinel)

proteomics & cell culture tools for assessing organism health (Dr. Lucy Lee)

comparative & functional genomics (Dr. Gabriel Moreno-Hagelsieb)

microbial pathogen dynamics in natural waters & wetlands (Dr. Robin Slawson)

mechanisms of protein targeting and import into chloroplasts (Dr. Matthew Smith)

Microbial glycobiology: Structure-function analysis of protein-carbohydrate interactions
   (Dr. Joel Weadge)

B. Biodiversity, evolution and ecology

comparative tree biology and responses of forests to global change (Dr. Jennifer Baltzer)

biodiversity, biogeography and systematics of flowering plants (Dr. Mihai Costea)

evolutionary genetics of sexual selection and conflict (Dr. Tristan A. F. Long)

reproductive biology & ecology of songbirds (Dr. Scott Ramsay)

community ecology of aquatic systems (Dr. Jane Rutherford)

wetlands, wetland plant ecology, aquatic botany (Dr. Kevin Stevens)

C. Physiology and toxicology:

effects of anthropogenic contaminants on fish biology (Dr. Deborah MacLatchy)

stress physiology of aquatic animals; toxicology & risk assessment of metals (Dr. Jim McGeer)

fish physiology and toxicology in extreme & unpredictable environments (Dr. Michael Wilkie)

bioenergetics and environmental stress physiology of plants (Dr. Allison McDonald)