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September 26, 2016
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Academic Advising

Each of the Departments in the Faculty of Science is committed to providing the best possible information and guidance to students for their academic programs.  We strongly encourage students enrolling in year 1 of any Biology program to take advantage of individual advising and information sessions held each year from May through July during the Faculty of Science Headstart program.

Continuing students in Biology programs seeking course and program advice should contact the Department's Academic Advisor, Dr. Jim McGeer:  email:
                                                                                     telephone #: 519-884-0710 x3537

To book an appointment, or for general inquiries, please contact:

Sharon Chin-Cheong, Administrative Assistant:  email:
                                                                                     telephone #: 519-884-0710 x2189

Information about the Academic Advising available in the Faculty of Science through the Dean's office and the other departments in the Faculty can be found on the Faculty of Science Academic Advising page.

Learning Services also provides information about programs through the Central Academic Advisor.

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