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September 24, 2016
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Tuition and fees

The Board of Governors reserves the right to make changes in the fee schedule without prior notice. All fees are charged per term unless otherwise indicated. For Waterloo Lutheran Seminary fees, go to Waterloo Lutheran Seminary. Fees listed do not include GST where applicable.

Tuition fees for 2016-17 are approved by the university's Board of Governors.

Master's and doctoral students will be charged full- or part-time tuition based on their status at the time of admission. Permission to change registration status after admission is only by appeal and subject to the approval of the Graduate Student Appeals Committee. Students who successfully petition to change their registration status may have their tuition fees adjusted as a result. Incidental fees will be charged according to a student's registration status in a particular term.

Qualifying year students will be charged fees in accordance with the undergraduate fee schedule.

All fees are listed at the 2016-2017 rates (which are subject to approval by the Board of Governors). Fees may change without notice. Tuition fee increases will be in effect September 1 of each year.

Students are responsible for the payment of fees that arise from registration and are indebted to the University for fees and/or fee penalties incurred prior to the receipt of the formal written Cancellation of Registration notification in the Office of the Registrar.

Students are responsible for residence fees incurred under the terms of the residence accommodation undertaking.

E-Billing: Students will receive an email through their myLaurier email address in early August to advise them that the fall-term invoices are available to view and/or print from LORIS. They will be available on LORIS in early August.

Tuition and incidental fees for

Paying your tuition

Consult the Service Laurier webpage to find out how to pay your tuition fees >>>