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December 7, 2016
Canadian Excellence

Medals of Academic Excellence

Governor General's Academic Medal
This medal is awarded at the fall convocation to the graduate student who achieves the highest academic standing in a master's or doctoral degree program at either the spring or fall convocation.

Medal of Academic Excellence Ė Doctoral Level

At each of the spring and fall convocations one (1) Medal for Academic Excellence at the doctoral level may be awarded.

Medal of Academic Excellence Ė Masterís Level

At each of the spring and fall convocations the Medal for Academic Excellence will be awarded to the top Masterís students in research-intensive and professional masterís program. Awards will be distributed as follows:

  • Research-Intensive masterís programs: For the first 50 research students graduating at convocation, one (1) Medal shall be awarded; for each additional 25 students, an additional Medal shall be awarded.
  • Professional masterís programs: For the first 50 masterís students graduating at convocation, one (1) Medal shall be awarded; for each additional 25 students, an additional Medal shall be awarded.

Fall 2015 Recipients
Adam Prokop, MSc Management
Richardson, Herbert, MA Religion & Culture
Crystal Weston, MA Criminology
Katherine Wood, MA, Psychology
Scott Leith, PhD Psychology
Puzheng Cao, Finance
Andrew Dreyer, MBA
Elaine Jia Ying Cheung, Music Therapy
Jennie Jamieson, Music Therapy
Victoria Rondinelli, Music Therapy
Cassandra Puckett, MSW
Jennifer Reimer, MSW
Wendy Simon, MSW
Governor General's Award:
Frederico Pieruccini-Faria, PhD Psychology

Spring 2015 Recipients 
Eric Andrew Tanguay, MA History 
Angela Dawn DesRoches, MSc Psychology 
Eva Burrill, MSW
Emily Gibson, MSW
Jacqueline Thibodeau, MSW  
Shawn Colle-Tripp, MBA 
Xinyu Li, MFin
Frederico Pieruccini Faria, PhD Psychology  

Fall 2014 Recipients
Sarah Murray, MA History
Timothy Wykes, MA Criminology
Joanna Zambrzycka, MSc Psychology
Barry Roth, MBA
Jesse Near, MSW
Janaki Bandara, MDiv
Leanne Metsa, MMT
Ada Sharpe, PhD English & Film Studies
Bharati Sheti, PhD Social Work
Michael Blair Evans, PhD Psychology
Tannaz Mahootchi, PhD Management
Governor General's Award: Bharati Sethi, PhD Social Work

Spring 2014 Recipients
Ayesha Nawaz, MA History
Md Abdus Sabur, MSc Chemistry
Bethany Deml, MSW
David Shorey, MEd
Robert McRae, MA Theology
Ramesh Jagannathan, MBA
Jason Prno, PhD Geography
Jeremy Hogeveen, PhD Psychology
Christine Hiller, PhD Social Work

Fall 2013 Recipients 
Deborah Birkett, MA, Religion & Culture
Jimme Gmaz, MA, Psychology
Shayam Jeyaratnam, MBA
Jessica Klassen, MSW
Elizabeth Hachborn, MA, Theology
Aimee Berends, MMT
Patrick-Laurent Faubert, PhD, English and Film Studies
Maria Liegghiom PhD, Social Work
Governor General's Academic Medal: Patrick Faubert, PhD, English and Film Studies

Spring 2013 Recipients
Tanya Tudhope, MA, CAST
Emily-Jane Costa, MSc, Biology
Marcee Groen, MSW
Eric Windhorst, MA, Theology
Zainab Khan, MA, Economics
Amarnath Amarasingam, PhD, Religious Studies
Marina Morgenshtern, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2012 Recipients
Tyler Williams, MSc, Geography
Amy Hackney, MSc, Kinesiology
Annika Hillebrandt, MSc, Management
Richard Lindo, MSW
Fiona Heath, MDiv
Deborah Hawksley, MMT
Marybeth White, PhD, Religious Studies
Susan Eckerle Curwood, PhD, Psychology
Lawrence Martis, PhD, Social Work
Governor General's Academic Medal: Richard Janzen, PhD, Psychology

Spring 2012 Recipients
Michael McCleary, MA, English
Alex Benson, MSc, Kinesiology
Lia Zannier, MBA
Jennifer Neeb, MSW
Pamela Harrington, MA, Theology
Stefen Sereda, PhD, English
Richard Janzen, PhD, Psychology
Amanda Bell, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2011 Recipients
Erin Dobson, MSc, Geography
Patricia Knobl, MSc, Kinesiology
Sara Pun, MMT
Vincent Hamel, MBA
Janet Aucoin, MSW
Amanda Cara Bakale, MA, Theology
Christinia Landry, PhD, Philosophy
Sonja Brubacher, PhD, Psychology
Dawn Onishenko, PhD, Social Work
Yunhua Zhu, PhD, Management
Governor General's Academic Medal: Sonja Brubacher, PhD, Psychology

Spring 2011 Recipients
Murielle Michaud, MA, English
Jeremy Hogeveen, MA, Psychology
Candace Forbes, MFin
Teena Shah, MSW
Laura MacGregor, MTh
Vishaal Baulkaran, PhD, Management

Fall 2010 Recipients
Yasaman Munro, MA, Religion & Culture
Charity Friesen, MA, Psychology
Kristen Anderson, MMT
Edward Dean, MBA
Kelly Laurila, MSW
Maria Zinsstag, MTh
Andrew Rees, PhD, Geography
Johanna Peetz, PhD, Psychology
Governor General's Academic Medal: Johanna Peetz, PhD, Psychology

Spring 2010 Recipients
Michelle Zurbrigg, MSc, Geography
Dmytro Sytnyk, MSc, Mathematics
Brady Lavender, MA, Business Economics
Melissa Brazil, MSW
Janet Howitt, MSW/MTS
Lisa Funnell, PhD, Literary/Theatre Studies in English
Dwayne Keough, PhD, Psychology
Colleen McMillan, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2009 Recipients
Amy Romagnoli, MA, Sociology
Sean MacKinnon, MA, Psychology
Amanda Schenstead, MMT
Susana Pulla, MBA
Kimberly Kennedy, MSW
Deborah Ludolph, MTS
Niem Tu Huynh, PhD, Geography
Peggy Planetta, PhD, Psychology
Patricia Van Katwyk, PhD, Social Work
Governor General's Academic Medal: Niem Tu Huynh, PhD, Geography

Spring 2009 Recipients
Meredith Hoogendam, MA, English
Colin Hawco, MSc, Psychology
John Pham, MBA
Bharati Sethi, MSW
James Foley, MTS
Julie Mueller, PhD, Psychology
Susan Hardie, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2008 Recipients
Suzanne Jarvis, MSc, Geography
Sune Tian-Xie Brian Sandbeck, MA, Psychology
Anthony Firmani, MBA
Christopher Trevelyan, MSW
Chi-Hang (Kent) Lam, PhD, Psychology
Heather Hair, PhD, Social Work
Julie Henhoeffer, MTS
Governor General's Academic Medal: Chi-Hang (Kent) Lam, PhD, Psychology

Spring 2008 Recipients
Kenneth Tam, MA, History
Patrick Van Rooyen, MSc, Psychology
Pamela Yaguchi, MBA
Reina Zatylny, MSW
Joyce Clouston, PhD, Social Work
Gloria Ryder, MDiv

Fall 2007 Recipients
Katharine McGowan, MA, History
Sonja Brubacher, MA, Psychology
Stephen Childs, MA, Business Economics
Marc Houde, MMT
Gillian Wells, MSW
James Wood, PhD, History
Shadna Rana, PhD, Psychology
Catherine deBoer, PhD, Social Work
Mary Marrocco, MTh
Governor General's Academic Medal: James Wood, PhD, History

Spring 2007 Recipients
Laura Pizzale, MA, English
Candace Schneider, MSc, Mathematics
Alexandros Kotsopoulos, MA, Business Economics
Ashley Stoik, MSW
Douglas Clark, PhD, Geography
Nancy Freymond, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2006 Recipients
Adam Hutka, MA, English
Vanessa Buote, MA, Psychology
Gregory Sweeney, MA, Business Economics
Maria Driessen, MMT
Marian Kastelik, MSW
Randall Wakelam, PhD, History
Governor General's Academic Medal: Jill Grant, PhD, Social Work

Spring 2006 Recipients
Louise Gilmour, MA, Religion and Culture
Dwayne Keough, MSc, Psychology
Dan Georgescu, MBA
Michael Stephen Weyman, MSW
Rhonda Klein, MTS
Len Hunt, PhD, Geography
Jill Grant, PhD, Social Work

Fall 2005 Recipients
Mark O. Humphries, MA, History
Maegan Jarrett, MSc, Psychology
Andrew Friedel, MBA
Janet Zadorsky, MMT
Carrie Smith, MSW
Dean Bavington, PhD, Geography
Governor General's Academic Medal: Dean Bavington, PhD, Geography 

Spring 2005 Recipients
Patrick Chahil, MES, Geography and Environmental Studies
Peggy Planetta, MSc, Psychology
J. Michael Dell, MBA
Victor Corey Wright, MSW
Andrew Joseph Iarocci, PhD, History
Timothy Dobbin, DMin

Fall 2004  Recipients
Patricia Campbell, MA, Religion and Culture
Chi-Hang (Kent) Lam, MA, Psychology
Jim Gillies, MBA
Aaron Lightstone, MMT
Kathia Hallal, MSW
Donald Irvine, MTh
Governor General's Academic Medal: Chi-Hang (Kent) Lam, MA, Psychology 

Spring 2004 Recipients
Brian Kutas, MA, Geography and Environmental Studies
Doreen Weise, MSc, Psychology
Rachel McCorriston, MBA
Carrie Pollard, MSW

Fall 2003  Recipients
Shauna Flanagan, MA, Geography and Environmental Studies
Adele Lafrance, MA, Psychology
Ian Heynen, MBA
Caryl-Ann Browning, MMT
Dawn Onishenko, MSW
Governor General's Academic Medal: Caryl-Ann Browning, MMT

Spring 2003 Recipients
Brent Parker, MES, Geography and Environmental Studies
Lisa Loiselle, MA, Psychology
Anthony Shutt, MA, Business Economics
Jillian Grant, MSW
Garth Wittich, MTS

Fall 2002 Recipients
Timothy Pettipiece, MA, Religion and Culture
Deanna Messervey, MA, Psychology
Sheldene Simola, MBA
Karyn Ann Thompson, MSW
Governor General's Academic Medal: Timothy Pettipiece, MA, Religion and Culture

Spring 2002 Recipients
Andrew Iacrocci, MA, History
Brian White, MA, Psychology
David Brezer, MBA
Michelle Skop, MSW
William Pelech, PhD, Social Work
Melinda Szilva, MTS

Fall 2001 Recipients
Mona Lafosse, MA, Religion and Culture
Nicole Kenton, MA, Psychology
Michael Rimell, MA, Business Economics
Rhonda Hartleib, MSW
Mario Sassi, MTh
Governor General's Academic Medal: Mona Lafosse, MA, Religion and Culture