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July 28, 2017
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Faculty and Staff

Resources for faculty and staff:

University Policies and Procedures

An overview of responsibilities, policies and procedures pertaining to graduate education at Laurier including academic misconduct, degree time limits and student appeals >>>

Doctoral Student Funding Policy (MGF)

Policy and documentation for MGF for Graduate Coordinators >>>

Oral Examinations (Thesis/Dissertation)

Information about oral examination procedures and final submission >>>

Final Grade Submission

Final grades are due by the last date of each term. Read more on the submission of final grades >>>

Student Advisor Discussion Checklist

This checklist provides a guide for discussing mutual expectations between a graduate student and advisor >>>

Members of Laurier's Graduate Faculty

Graduate Faculty status is required to teach a graduate course or serve as an advisor or regular member of a graduate advisory or examination committee. Procedures for the appointment to Graduate Faculty as well as a list of current Graduate Faculty members >>>

Graduate Faculty Council

Information about the Graduate Faculty Council, including membership and dates/agenda >>>

Curriculum Changes/New Program Development

Departments/academic programs wishing to bring proposals to Graduate Faculty Council for curriculum changes must submit such proposals following the appropriate template(s) established by the university's Quality Assurance process >>>

Postdoctoral Fellows

Information for hiring a Postdoctoral Fellow >>>

Academic Calendar

The Academic Calendar indicates policies, regulations, program information and fees for the current academic year for graduate students >>>

Program Links and Contact Information

The list of program websites and contact information for all Laurier graduate programs >>>

Graduate Coordinator's Handbook

This handbook provides information and direction to faculty who serve as graduate coordinators at Laurier. It also outlines practices and procedures of the Office of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies by providing references to webpages and other publications, to Calendar policies, events of academic and instructional nature, and individuals who serve as consultants >>>

Academic and Related Dates

A calendar of all important academic and related dates >>>